Back and Trying All KINDS of NEW Stuff!!!

Well, not really.. Yall know I ain’t got dimes for that. :p

But I have been playing with my hair more.

One thing most natural know is after a time.. Your hair get boring…

Really… REALLLLLY boring!! I mean..tedious even!! I have gotten to a state where I don’t even want to wash or detangle or.. NOTHING my hair!  I DO occassionaly cowash my hair nowadays, so I was able to make that work… But most often when I cowash, I don’t bother to detangle..

Now some will say, well thatl’s good. You’re not manipulating your hair much. Helps with length retention.  But I’m pretty sure I end up breaking more hair when I DO comb it out because it gets tangled… But then again… It does seem to be longer… So.. Maybe my laziness is actually helping  me reach my length goals.

But enough of my laziness…  No I will not perm or cut my hair so it ain’t that kinda party. I had a friend suggest my hair would be so BEAUTIFUL flat ironed. And I was like girl.. just bye… LoL! So I still love my natural hair, but with Winter and dry forced heat, my hair is dry and crispy more often than not and my curls aren’t always plump and juicy unless they are wet, and honestly I’m sick of walkiing around with wet Jheri curl ass hair! LoL! So, with more length comes options..

And in comes banding.. Bands, will not ONLY make her dance, but they will stretch your fro out to  new lengths! I actually tried the banding as mini pineapples, but my hair isn’t long enough to really do it right. So instead of preserving my curls, it just made my hair really  REALLY big!! I  got more complements than I ever have because of that giant ass hair! Loved it.. My hair was soft and fluffy..

But the next week, I did my cowash and didn’t detangle and it wasn’t as big and as the days and weeks went on it just looked nappy (In a BAD unkept way.) and I was desperate.. I ACTUALLY tried a petroleum ladened product that I hate and twisted my hair with it.

And it wasn’t bad.. I mean that product still sucks, but the twists came out pretty good…

So in comes TWISTNG.. Which is what I’ve done this week.

But first.. My hair was dry.. Hard… Crunchy.. And that wasn’t the EcoStyler talking either!! My hair needed some moisture and TLC. Tresemme Naturals is great, but honestly I just needed something more moisturizing..

In comes products I don’t like..

PLus oil…

I mixed my Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner,  some Hello Hydration, vegeteble oil in my jar of  Soft n Free Milk Protein and Olive Oil. (There was still a little of it in the jar.) Once mixed I shampooed with my Loreal EverCReme, and applied Tresemme naturals to my freshly washed hair. I just felt I should get SOME moisture in there before I added this oil and silicone ladened mixture. I’m sorry I just don’t like cones. LoL! But to use up that stuff I’d risk it.. A little.

Well, at first it felt kinda bad.. So I was like.. OK.. This was a complete waste of my damn time. But since it was in there now, may as well settle in and let it work..

AND WORK IT DID!! When I rinsed it out, my hair was light and soft and felt really moisturized. So I was happy with that.

I decided I was going to twist my hair up this week. Not so much for a “twist out” but just to preserve and stretch my curls out a little. So right now, I sit in twists.

To twist, I used my trusty Long Aid Activator gel as a moisturizer, and Eco krystal for hold and definition. I haven’t added any oils yet, as on day one I never do. I actually can’t wait to see how my first “twist out” comes out.

I know this isn’t very interesting, but hopefully I’ll have some new products soon. I’ve been hearing about this Aunt Jackie stuff and it’s affordable AND available at get this… THE DOLLAR STORE!! Not sure if it’s around these parts yet, but I can’t wait to try it. Unlike Miss Jessie’s it is PETROLEUM FREE!! And just about 5-10 bucks a jar/bottle. I’m still not crazy about creamy stylers, but if I’m gonna be twisting now, I am willig to give a good Vaseline free product a fair shot. 🙂

I’ll upload some photos in a seperate post, as for SOME reason, I can’t do it here.. Seriously?

Anyway, photos to come. 🙂



  Don’t worry, it’s not THAT evolution I’m talking about. I’m talking about the evolution of our HAIR at different points of the journey. It really is amazing.


  You start with deciding not to relax anymore or straighten your hair. You are just sick of it and you are ready to embrace what you were born with, knowing that it is perfect just as it is..  You probably feel pretty confident at this point. You know what you want, and right now..Your hair… Is EASY.. Yes, it’s still relaxed to the scalp!!! But you feel natural already and you are EMPOWERED! All your products still work, all your techniques still work.. You are doing great!  Kudos!


  Then that new growth starts getting longer and you hit a big snag. Your products probably still work, but you notice those roots are a little difficult to deal with. Still, your new growth isn’t that long…


  And then it IS LONGER.. Now.. Not everyone has this experience. some people just big chop at this point. Get it over with. But some don’t want the no hair look, so they do what is called transitioning. And all that is, is growing out your relaxer until you have enough hair to comfortably cut it off. Still some never really “big” chop. They do a series of mini chops, trims really. And that is fine too. Do what ever makes you comfortable. Just stick with it. It will be worth it..


  If you’re transitioning, your journey has a whole different set of hardships. You have two extremely different textures and as time goes by, if you’re not careful, you start looking a little busted. You’ve got poofy roots and smooth ends. Products that work on the bottom, don’t work on the curly part. So now you gotta find a product that works with BOTH textures.. But as you stick with it, you find a way to deal, and all is calm….


  Then you do your chop… And all HELL breaks loose!!! Your hair looks dry, not weighed down by the relaxed ends your curls look different. There may be no real curls to speak of! And your product that worked on both textures? Sh*t you may as well toss all that crap cause it is just doing NOTHING now!!!  It’s terrible!! You’ve researched and searched, but still it’s very difficult! Don’t worry though. You’ll get it. Soon your hair is use to being natural, your moisture levels are up, you’ve found your products and techniques, and you are looking FIERCE!!


 Then…. It grows on you… It gets longer and more settled… And some of the products don’t work anymore… But worry not, you just take those out and you’re probably fine…..


  Then two products don’t work together… One makes your hair hard and dry and dull and just NO!!!  The other makes it oily or hard or something.. And it’s just… WRONG! You’re shedding, your hair is tangled. Your TWA only took 10 minutes to wash and detangle, now it’s taking you an HOUR to do what took 10 minutes just a few months ago. You just wanna go hide, or chop again…. Or go back to the creamy crack (relaxing.) And it just get’s WORSE WITH EACH PASSING WEEK!!!  You may cope by putting it away. Just braiding it up and wearing a wig, or straightening it with heat. Or just twisting/braiding it up and wrapping it away.. But you DO cope and come out the other side.

  Congrats!! You just made it through the awkward phase! So it’s all smooth sailing now, right? Your products are working well, your hair has grown out, looking good, you’re getting complements. You are doing well Diva!!!


  But now… Products are STILL failing.. Now you don’t freak out anymore, you just mix them differently or eliminate what you don’t need. If you need more products, you research and make a careful decision on what to try. You know of trial and error and you go about it in an intelligent manner. You may find you need LESS products though you have MORE hair! How sweet is that?  Some products that had stopped working- or never worked for you- are starting to work better for you now maybe. Super sweet you didn’t toss them, eh?


  When I first went natural in 2005, I just stopped relaxing. My last relaxer was April 30, 2005. I kinda knew I didn’t want to relax anymore with that relaxer, but I hadn’t really decided. My decision came around  July of that year. And I was going to grow my locs. My mind was made up. I had no idea what to do with my loose natural hair. It was so tangly and rough.. I just wanted to lock it up.. It seemed to be MADE for locs! I still believe my hair is the perfect hair for locs, because I have to literally do NOTHING to it for it to loc. I can grow fully mature locs in like 5 months! (See my Fotki, if you don’t believe me!) My hair just loves to groove on itself and that, along with shedding is what locs are. (And y’all hear me whining aobut my shedding!!) So, I started them August 27, 2005. And other than the fights with DH over them, it was so easy. I probably looked like a tore up CHICKEN to some people, but I was in that mind frame. Once I set my mind to something.. Fu*k you, I’m GOOD with it! LoL!! All I saw was my future locs and how awesome they were gonna be with each passing year. I even loved them when they were just little nappy balls in a fro! I… loved… my… HAIR! And it was the first time that EVER happened. To this day, I do not regret starting my journey with locs. It may seem backwards, but it was perfect for me.


  Fast forward 5 years, I started wondering what my loose hair was like. I mean, I’d seen it as a child but briefly before my mom presses it straight. She’d always said I had beautiful hair, and it was long and thick. I wanted that back.. So, in April of 2011, I started the process of picking them out. It took an hour per loc, as they were about 18″+ long by now. It was tedious, but on May 21 I picked my last loc. I had 9 left, but I just chopped those. I couldn’t sit for another 9 hours picking. My hands hurt too bad, and no body else was ending my locs. So, I finished it.


  And now the FUN began.. It was not like my locs. My locs were instantly easy. But my loose hair, in addition to being oddly shaped due to the chopping of the back locs, was a pickle. But I was up for it. DH hated my new cut because it was uneven and oddly shapped, but I kept trimming and shaping it up. Finally I had a cut. He said it looked like a boy, but I liked it.. I felt it was cute. My curls were pretty nice, though my hair was short the first time in years. Still it was so easy. I just wash, condition, quickly detangle and put my products in. Very easy… I’d leave some Aussie in and oil, then gel.. Later I added a lotion to the mix.. Made my hair white as hell, but it dried clear.


  Then my hair was getting longer. I really didn’t notice it much, but others did. What I DID notice is with each passing month my hair was harder to detangle and used MUUUUUCH more conditioner. I couldn’t do my little style anymore, so I went to the puff. And the puff worked well. It is STILL my go to style. But now my products were working ok, but I decided to start eliminating products. the lotion was the first to go, my hair was instantly better… It just wasn’t doing what I thought it was supposed to do. So out it went.


  Then one day.. It just came to me.. My gel is a curl activator. When I actually had the process in my hair, I used this product alone. I may grease my scalp, but my hair was just the gel.. And I tried it. (No scalp greasing!)… And my hair… Was… BEAUTIFUL!! Shiny, had movement, perfect curls. I was FLOORED!! And I stopped leaving in conditioner and just using gel.. No oil actually at first. But there was still an issue. STICKINESS!!! So I was rinsing every 2 days or so to try to cut down on that. And it was working, but my hair started to dry out. Honestly, my gel is so water soluable it CAN be completely rinsed away with just water for the most part. With it was my moisture. So I had to find a better way.


 Then I was on Naturally Curly and read a tip from another Naturalista. She said she put oil over her activator to keep it from drying out. So I said… I’m gonna try that…


  BAM! No stickiness!!! For some reason, it even dried faster! My curls were perfectly formed and no stickiness!!!! HEAVEN!!


  And I’ve been doing this every since. My hair loves it, it’s growning.. Even starting to hang a little bit! And all this came from a decision to stop relaxing.. My Rebel evolved from a permed blog full of petroleum products.. To this beautiful natural fluffy fro you see today..


  And this is when you get cocky.. You’ve got it now.. I’m coming up on a year loose.. But I’m sure Rebel is still growing and evolving….


I just hope I can evolve with her. 😀


OK.. Done rambling.. :p




Jen 😀



I’ve been experimenting with NOT baggying at night. Why? Well, my hair spends all day wet, and it may not me such a good idea for it to be wet 24/7. I’m not sure how, but it may damage it some how. Like, things that stay wet tend to mildew and start to rot. Not sure hair will “rot” but I’m sure it can mildew. And I don’t want moldy hair. :p So I’ve been just putting my bonnet on and going to bed. Maybe dampen it a little and seal. In the morning most of my definition is gone, but when I fluff it’s all soft and.. Well.. FLUFFY. LoL! It looks great if I just wanna wear it in an undefined Afro. So maybe I can just baggy when I deep condition. Or condition. As you can see I’m trying to tweak my routine. I just want Rebel to thrive and grow. Hell it’s already thin in the top I don’t need the rest of it to fall out! LoL!

I was looking at old photos from when I first chopped. And my hair has grown quite a bit. That’s why it’s important to take lots of pictures. I felt like it was still the same length. Just day to day looks dictated it was not growing at all. No matter how much my buddy kept saying it was getting long. But I took a trip to Fotki and yep. It’s growing. 😀 So.. When you think you’re doing it all wrong, you can always look at your old photos and see, ok. I’m doing SOMETHING right.. Or at least you’re doing nothing wrong. LoL!

Ok. That’s it. :p


Jen 😀

2/8/12- Let Yo’ Soooooooul Glo!!

2/8/12- Let Yo’ Soooooooul Glo!!

That’s what my hair reminds me of today. LoL!! It really has that Jheri Curl shine. I haven’t pulled it back yet, so it just looks very Jheri Curlish. I still can’t get over how defined my hair is with just this damn gel!! I mean the definition of Kinky Curly or EcoStyler with none of the crunch. No lotion, no leave in, no magic potion. Just activator.

I love accenting what you have naturally. I think I posted a rant a few weeks ago about people saying defining your curls was not natural. That you gotta have a Buckwheat effect going on to be natural…. A lil finger in the light socket effect.. Whatever. But I do agree with SOME of the points they make. Not everyone has curly hair. Not everyone has straight hair. And desperately trying to make your hair, your body, YOU do something you weren’t made to do is damaging. Psychologically destructive. I DO read many a post wondering how to make one’s hair curly because no matter what they do theirs won’t curl/coil. And no matter how many times you tell them not all hair is curly, you’ll still get 400 more asking the same question. I know how they feel!! My hair is VERY curly, BUT it is also wiry and course. Not soft and fluffy or silky. Well, individually my strands are silky, but I think everyone’s are. But when they get together they are course feeling. Go figure. And I HATE that. I love my hair. Don’t EVER get that twisted, sometimes I’m like… Come on, man.. You can’t be a LITTLE softer? LoL! Seriously. But, my hair is fairly healthy, has cute little curls, and growing like a weed. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. And a relaxer never helped. Nor did a Jheri Curl. Other than being beat down it was the same texture. So.. Oh well. I guess Rebel and I are meant to be just as we are. 🙂 She’s cute, curly, and wiry. I’m a little chubby, sarcastic, and stubborn. :p It is what it is.


Jen 😀

1/18/12- Rebel Needs it!!!

1/18/12- Rebel Needs it!!!

Long Aid, that is. Or water based moisturizer. :p I tested this one day last week- well, to be fair, last week was a rough hair week. I was really doing a terrible job of taking care of it. So that was some of it, but I have tried it before. Like other naturals can just put some water, a lil moisturizer, and seal and their hair is bouncy, and soft, and (if their hair is capable of it) curls are popping. So simple.

Chile…. I tried to do this.. And I’m sure there was still some activator in my hair, as it was slippery when I wet my hair.. I wet it.. Put in moisturizer… Sealed REALLY well. My curls were well defined. But as the day went on.. My hair got harder and harder.. AND HARDER STILL!!! Until I had a Brillo pad deal going on. And that’s when I realized.. No ma’am. Rebel is not hearing S*IT!!! Without activator.

Now, I can hear all the “enlightened” naturals aka Natural Nazis saying “Well that’s your texture. Embrace it! Not everybody had soft hair.” KCUF (It’s backwards.. You’ll get it.) … DAT! I help Himay10nance (I know I’m spelling her sh*t wrong. I’m sorry, girl. ) to say, if you love it so much, YOU go out with your hair dry, hard and sticking up “as it is”. People go entirely too damn far with sh*t. There was actually someone saying if you are defining your curls you’re not really loving your natural hair. You’re still not accepting your texture. I’m like.. Ok. If you don’t have curly hair, and are DESPERATELY trying to make your hair curly, you may need to realize all natural hair isn’t curly. And that’s ok.

They went ON to say, if you’re doing braid-outs to make your hair appear curly.. You’re not accepting your natural texture. Curl activator was wrong. I’m like.. Well DAMN what the hell? So you gotta just use oil ,water and go to be natural?! That sucks. No wonder it took so long for the natural movement to pick up steam! You got these militant b*tches representing it! LoL!

Now most everyone in the forum I was in was like “Girl BYE!” But still. Why the HELL would I let my hair be hard and scraggly looking when I can have soft curls? No process, just some damn water and glycerin gel!! People will never cease to amuse me.

Ok. My rant is over. :p


Jen 😀

Off Wash day..

  And I HEAR I may be working NEXT Saturday! Ugh, I hate extra days.. Then again, I guess it helps financially. 🙂 Anyway. Y’all…  Y’ALL… I was so mad with my hair yesterday… That I was just not even feeling up to even dealing with it today!! If I was a wig person… I think I would have just plaited this shit up dirty.. And just wore wigs all next week.. But I was like.. That was day 7 hair.. Which would make TODAY day EIGHT hair. It’s supposed to suck monkeys.  So I went to YouTube to ATTEMPT to get in the mood to do something with this CRAP I have on my head. (I love my hair, I was just mad.) I finally got off my butt and… Then I saw the thin spots and the BLANK spot in the top of my head.. There’s hair in there, but it doesn’t BLEND. I was just.. Like… UGH! But my scalp was so itchy and my hair felt so dirty.. so I washed it.. And as I scrubbed all my itchies and rinsed the lather away, I felt a little better… BUT it was still ROUGH.. And it wasn’t the shampoo. It was just… WRONG. Probably my fault from all that neglect last weekend. Rebel was just dry. And unhappy and just limping through the week..


Then came detangling.. With the conditioner out came more HAIR! It was like I was pulling handfulls out of my head! So many curls.. And I SWORE my hair was shorter than it was before!!


But that was just my imagination.. I WAS losing some hair, but nothing to worry about. I didn’t rinse last week, I spaced on my moisturizing routine.. I was just LAZY last week.. It was like… Screw it! But now it’s clean, detangled, and conditioned.. Which brings me to another interesting thing…


My Aussie LATHERS on soaking wet hair! I thought I may have picked up the shampoo by mistake, but no it says conditioner and it doesn’t lather in my hands.. But for some stupid reason it did in my hair! I rinsed like 7 times and still as soon as it hit my wet hair, it lathered!! Damn, that was my leave in!! Had to leave it OUT today! LoL! But I sealed really well before applying my gel today.. And I took my time shingled it through making sure to not miss a SPOT and to use enough gel. Remember Long Aid is my moisturizer as well as my styler, so I was determined to not to skimp on it this week! A good start is the foundation to multi day hair. If you start crappy, MAN do you end up crappier!!  So I shingled it in, not too much but enough to feel it in my hair. I have white stuff everywhere, but it’s going away as it dries. (Pretty sure it’s the coconut oil mixing with water.) I always have some glob somewhere in my head. LoL! It really is not that cute. But a fact of GEL!


  Right now?? A calm is over Rebel and me.. LoL! It feels like I just bathed and fed my cranky baby and now she’s sleeping or quietly cooing in my arms.. Better yet in her CRIB and I’m sitting in a comfy chair, reading a good book, and sipping a nice glass of wine. 🙂


Jen 😀

Flaxseed Gel.. Ugh…

OK.. Now.. I just shampooed.. shampoo’d? Hmm.. Weird word.. LoL! Anyway. Hair’s all clean.. Deep Conditioned… I sealed and applied Long Aid for moisture… Then I put on my Flaxseed Gel…… Well.. I love the smell this time. I used coconut scent in it.. Lovely.. smells like I’ve been baking in the kitchen.. 😀 My curls are popping in most spots… It looks pretty nice.. for the most part…

 Now the fails… It’s HARD.. It feels dry.. First.. This stuff is goopy.. It’s like loogie!! It actually looks like COLD SPIT in your hands.. And it doesn’t absorb, it just sits there goopy and snotty… and you put it in…. And it’s like globs of snot in your curls and.. Ugh.. I even rinsed it with cold water, which UNdefined some of my curls and made frizz alive!! And it made it distribute a little better… But still there were all these little white bits of gooy, globby flaxseed gel THINGS in my hair. And it just… Is not…. Good.. Hate it so much.. Unless this stuff  really pulls a rabbit out of it’s ASS by tomorrow.. I’ll have to wash this SHIT out of my hair.. I mean.. This makes me figure i won’t dig Kinky Curly Curling Custard either, because it has a funky texture like this too, or so I hear. And I won’t like Eco Styler because it has hold and it’s gonna make my hair hard like this crap is doing, plus shingling takes SO long and I never get my sections right and… Ugh.. Just… NO! End the MADNESS!!


 As it looks, I’ll be just using Long Aid for the rest of my friggin’ life!! No need to try anything else, as anything else will likely SUCK! That is the direction this is heading in. The only thing Rebel likes is a good moisturizing shampoo, Aussie moist conditioner, BARELY likes coconut oil… And friggin’ Long Aid!! I can’t ever TRY anything because my hair REJECTS everything… This is when being natural sucks.. BUT on the bright side.. My HG products work really….. REALLY well… So I’m not like STUCK!! I’m just gonna be really friggin bored.. LoL! But yeah.. So far Flaxseed gel… Is a no… I won’t be making it again.. I’m totally done.. Well, maybe ONE more time… I’m just hard headed.. Maybe I used too many flaxseeds… Not enough water.. Maybe, if I make it THINNER.. I’ll like it.. Make it like Curls in a Bottle or Goddess Curl.. Kind of a runny curl enhancer.. Maybe I’ll try that next week. I really want to have OPTIONS!! There has to be SOMETHING out there that isn’t STICKY that works!! But until I find it.. Long Aid is my rock.. It is my all.. My everything.. :p


Well, it’s time to  check on this hot mess in my head… Ugh…




Jen 😮