Back and Trying All KINDS of NEW Stuff!!!

Well, not really.. Yall know I ain’t got dimes for that. :p

But I have been playing with my hair more.

One thing most natural know is after a time.. Your hair get boring…

Really… REALLLLLY boring!! I mean..tedious even!! I have gotten to a state where I don’t even want to wash or detangle or.. NOTHING my hair!  I DO occassionaly cowash my hair nowadays, so I was able to make that work… But most often when I cowash, I don’t bother to detangle..

Now some will say, well thatl’s good. You’re not manipulating your hair much. Helps with length retention.  But I’m pretty sure I end up breaking more hair when I DO comb it out because it gets tangled… But then again… It does seem to be longer… So.. Maybe my laziness is actually helping  me reach my length goals.

But enough of my laziness…  No I will not perm or cut my hair so it ain’t that kinda party. I had a friend suggest my hair would be so BEAUTIFUL flat ironed. And I was like girl.. just bye… LoL! So I still love my natural hair, but with Winter and dry forced heat, my hair is dry and crispy more often than not and my curls aren’t always plump and juicy unless they are wet, and honestly I’m sick of walkiing around with wet Jheri curl ass hair! LoL! So, with more length comes options..

And in comes banding.. Bands, will not ONLY make her dance, but they will stretch your fro out to  new lengths! I actually tried the banding as mini pineapples, but my hair isn’t long enough to really do it right. So instead of preserving my curls, it just made my hair really  REALLY big!! I  got more complements than I ever have because of that giant ass hair! Loved it.. My hair was soft and fluffy..

But the next week, I did my cowash and didn’t detangle and it wasn’t as big and as the days and weeks went on it just looked nappy (In a BAD unkept way.) and I was desperate.. I ACTUALLY tried a petroleum ladened product that I hate and twisted my hair with it.

And it wasn’t bad.. I mean that product still sucks, but the twists came out pretty good…

So in comes TWISTNG.. Which is what I’ve done this week.

But first.. My hair was dry.. Hard… Crunchy.. And that wasn’t the EcoStyler talking either!! My hair needed some moisture and TLC. Tresemme Naturals is great, but honestly I just needed something more moisturizing..

In comes products I don’t like..

PLus oil…

I mixed my Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner,  some Hello Hydration, vegeteble oil in my jar of  Soft n Free Milk Protein and Olive Oil. (There was still a little of it in the jar.) Once mixed I shampooed with my Loreal EverCReme, and applied Tresemme naturals to my freshly washed hair. I just felt I should get SOME moisture in there before I added this oil and silicone ladened mixture. I’m sorry I just don’t like cones. LoL! But to use up that stuff I’d risk it.. A little.

Well, at first it felt kinda bad.. So I was like.. OK.. This was a complete waste of my damn time. But since it was in there now, may as well settle in and let it work..

AND WORK IT DID!! When I rinsed it out, my hair was light and soft and felt really moisturized. So I was happy with that.

I decided I was going to twist my hair up this week. Not so much for a “twist out” but just to preserve and stretch my curls out a little. So right now, I sit in twists.

To twist, I used my trusty Long Aid Activator gel as a moisturizer, and Eco krystal for hold and definition. I haven’t added any oils yet, as on day one I never do. I actually can’t wait to see how my first “twist out” comes out.

I know this isn’t very interesting, but hopefully I’ll have some new products soon. I’ve been hearing about this Aunt Jackie stuff and it’s affordable AND available at get this… THE DOLLAR STORE!! Not sure if it’s around these parts yet, but I can’t wait to try it. Unlike Miss Jessie’s it is PETROLEUM FREE!! And just about 5-10 bucks a jar/bottle. I’m still not crazy about creamy stylers, but if I’m gonna be twisting now, I am willig to give a good Vaseline free product a fair shot. 🙂

I’ll upload some photos in a seperate post, as for SOME reason, I can’t do it here.. Seriously?

Anyway, photos to come. 🙂


Giving Co Washing a Second Try…

Yes, I know.. Last time it was a HOT ass mess, but this time I’m using a different conditioner and I don’t plan on doing it exclusively. I will still be shampooing when I feel I need it. But with the cooler weather and dry heat all around, I figure a little extra moisture couldn’t hurt.


When did all this start? Well, I got lazy actually. LoL! I went the whole weekend and did SQUAT to my hair. Come Monday, my hair was dirty and needed redoing. So having like an hour to get ready, I decided to just rinse with some conditioner and slather up with gel as best I could. Well, I got several compliments!! And I had a pretty good and easy hair week. Most days I just spritzed and maybe added a little oil and went. I was shocked every time I got a compliment!!


So, after watching one of those irksome Wen commercials,  I’m trying it out again. This time instead of using a cone filled conditioner like Aussie, I’m using my Tresemme Naturals which to my best knowledge is cone free. Plus I don’t use as many products as I did in the beginning. I was kind of worried about the Ecostyler not getting completely washed away, but it seems to be working pretty well. And my hair feels way more moisturized, obviously, than it did with even the WONDERFULLY perfect L’Oreal EverCreme shampoo. I think winter is the perfect time to try this again. So hopefully this will end well. 🙂


And product reviews!! I have tried a few more products! Some I reviewed on YouTube, but not on here, so look for those in the near future. Among the products I’ve been using I finally tried Eco Styler and fell in LOVE with it!! I’m also on ,as mentioned above, Tresemme Naturals and L’Oreal EverCreme shampoo. Both have been working wonders for my hair. I’ve examined my hair texture and came up with some interesting discoveries. Well, one discovery and came to a very peaceful conclusion. 🙂 So look for all those posts to come. 🙂


But for now, I am done. Thanks for Reading. 🙂



White Rain Naturals Shampoo (Apple blossom)


Price: I bought a Case 4 years ago for $12, so that’s around $2 a bottle, but I’m sure it can be found for under a buck. ($1)


This product is not new, but I couldn’t remember if I ever reviewed it or not, so I’m gonna do it now. LoL! I actually bought this product for DH.. A LOT of this product.. A small case of 6 bottles. Now DH washes his hair whenever and doesn’t have much of it, so this would last him a LIFETIME! I bought it for him because he said when he use to use it, it seemed to be slowing his hair loss and he likes the smell of it. So I hunted and shopped around until I found him a case of it for about $12. This was about 4 years ago, and we still have it. I’ve used it a few times on my hair, but was still listening to the hype that I need a “better” shampoo, so I used it, liked it, but decided to move on..

Until now. I’m back on it and I am happy with it. First thing, the smell is divine! It smells like crisp green apples and has a vibrant green colour to boot. Being in a clear bottle, I must say it all looks rather clean and  well… NATURAL. The bottles are 18 oz bottles and you get so much lather from like a tablespoon of the stuff that it will last the thickest head a year per bottle! It’s not a sulfate free shampoo, but I’m not following curly girl anymore, so that’s fine for now. It doesn’t really have any cones, but does have “nones” at the very end of the ingredient list. It actually contains fruit extracts and (for some reason.) sugarcane extract. I just love when products use actual foods and they are not at the bottom of the list. Now this product was from years ago, so the formula may have changed since I bought it, and probably since DH was buying it. (He was getting that little white bottle it use to come in. I use to love it  in peaches n cream. Smelled YUMMY!) But it works really well. My hair didn’t feel stripped or overly dry, it was soft and fluffy.Which I like in a shampoo.PLUS, no excess shedding after I lathered up.. My hair with the new stuff isn’t really shedding much- Well, THIS week it didn’t, but I’ll post that in another post. 🙂


This review isn’t gonna be lone, because what to say? It’s a sulfate shampoo that smells like apple scented heaven that DH feels stops hair loss. Simple stuff. :p Will I repurchase this? YES I plan to buy another case if I can find it and maybe I’ll look for the peach as well. Which I will review.. LoL!!


What can I say.. The stuff is effective, non drying, and smells wonderful. 🙂 A keeper..




Jen 😀

Seem’s My Baby Trying to Walk!

  Or rather she’s practicing HANGING.. LoL! I took my hair down from my plastic cap and bonnet today. Actually I conditioned all day yesterday and rinsed it out like 11:00 or so last night. Then I plopped, sealed, and put it up in the plastic cap soaking wet- well, not soaking wet, it was damp. Well, I just took the cap off so I could get some gel up in there, as you all know my gel is also a water based moisturizer. Maybe I should start calling it my “moisturizing gel”.. Or maybe just call it friggin’  Long Aid- Whatever! If I start using another gel, I’ll let yall know. But I have so say more than just “gel” because people think of styling gel. And I often say stuff like “I use it for moisture.” And there will be some smart ass going “Nah uh, gel has alcohol. And it dries your hair out not moisturize it. Blah, Blah.. I’m a hair expert..”  OK, that was unnecessarily snotty.. But you know it’s true..


ANYWAY, I applied my gel today about an hour ago. (Lazy.. Yes.) And after all the smoothing and shaking, my hair acted like it wanted to hang down. Now it’s not that long, and i”m sure it will shrink up pretty soon, but it did try to hang down and even made a little bang in the front, which is STILL hanging.. 🙂 Not that it matters. I have work this week for at least 3 days. After that it will be the holiday break for like FOUR days. (Yes!) But I’d never try to do a hanging style at this point. I know that would just end in disaster and disappointment. (Ok, being totally dramatic.) So I’m still styling it up, but just for tonight I think I’ll let my little Rebel try her “legs” out and let her “walk” a little. 🙂 Who knows?! Maybe this is the beginning of  great growth. 😀


  Nothing really stand out-ish to post about.. Just letting yall know about this little fro trying to act up. 🙂




Jen 😀

Thursday 8/11/11- So You Hate Natural Hair.

Thursday 8/11/11- So You Hate Natural Hair.

Often in the natural hair community you’ll get an uproar about some (usually washed up) celebrity who hates natural hair, dark skinned women, or SOMETHING controversial. And YES it pisses me off! But I have to think. Who the HELL is this person and why should I give two shakes of a pigeon’s ASS what they like or don’t like?! I think the most recent was Method Man (who?) saying he hates natural hair. He doesn’t like “no peasy Afro.” Did it make me mad? A little. But I had to think. Method Man isn’t a role model for young girls, he’s not popular enough to be a role model for young men, and.. His hay day was like ’94. WHO CARES WHAT METHOD MAN LIKES?!!

Nikki Manaj made the natural “news” saying “them nappy head hoes need a perminator.” This made me kinda mad. Because young girls MAY look up to her. And if our natural hair is often called “nappy”. That makes our natural hair uncool.. And “bad”. So, not only will they never embrace who they are, they’ll tease any young girl who may wanna go natural. Teasing is very effective. Even as a semi confident adult, even NOW, if I hear snickering.. I INSTANTLY drop my head! Because I figure they MUST be laughing at ME!! I was teased mercilessly as a child and a teen. It hurts. It hurts a long time. Of course as an adult, I don’t keep my head down. I’ll even look around sometimes!! Damn if I’mma keep my head down! But it’s hard. So I can imagine how hard it is on a teen girl. I KNOW how hard it is. And to have a celebrity backing that ignorance just makes it TOO easy.

What can we do? Well, teach your daughters that our hair is beautiful and has so many textures. Our skin has many beautiful shades. That black is beautiful. No matter the shade. We’re all beautiful. Indian, Asian, European, not just African or African American- we’re all beautiful creations. BUT!! My main concern is US!! We are often viewed as LESS. I wanna work to change that. Uplift MY race. Until then, I don’t have time to uplift anybody else. LoL! That’s on them. Teach them that a man’s word is not the damn gospel!! Just because a man tells you “You need to perm that shit.” doesn’t mean you have to do it. Slide that asshole to the left, and you’ll see 5 more who don’t care what you do with it and at least 2 who are out right in LOVE with natural chicks. 🙂 Suddenly that one idiot seems like a big ass waste of time doesn’t he? Easy? Not really. That one will likely be the one you zeroed in on. But it is WORTH it. You’ll be happier. And that’s always worth it. 🙂


Jen 😀