Giving Co Washing a Second Try…

Yes, I know.. Last time it was a HOT ass mess, but this time I’m using a different conditioner and I don’t plan on doing it exclusively. I will still be shampooing when I feel I need it. But with the cooler weather and dry heat all around, I figure a little extra moisture couldn’t hurt.


When did all this start? Well, I got lazy actually. LoL! I went the whole weekend and did SQUAT to my hair. Come Monday, my hair was dirty and needed redoing. So having like an hour to get ready, I decided to just rinse with some conditioner and slather up with gel as best I could. Well, I got several compliments!! And I had a pretty good and easy hair week. Most days I just spritzed and maybe added a little oil and went. I was shocked every time I got a compliment!!


So, after watching one of those irksome Wen commercials,  I’m trying it out again. This time instead of using a cone filled conditioner like Aussie, I’m using my Tresemme Naturals which to my best knowledge is cone free. Plus I don’t use as many products as I did in the beginning. I was kind of worried about the Ecostyler not getting completely washed away, but it seems to be working pretty well. And my hair feels way more moisturized, obviously, than it did with even the WONDERFULLY perfect L’Oreal EverCreme shampoo. I think winter is the perfect time to try this again. So hopefully this will end well. 🙂


And product reviews!! I have tried a few more products! Some I reviewed on YouTube, but not on here, so look for those in the near future. Among the products I’ve been using I finally tried Eco Styler and fell in LOVE with it!! I’m also on ,as mentioned above, Tresemme Naturals and L’Oreal EverCreme shampoo. Both have been working wonders for my hair. I’ve examined my hair texture and came up with some interesting discoveries. Well, one discovery and came to a very peaceful conclusion. 🙂 So look for all those posts to come. 🙂


But for now, I am done. Thanks for Reading. 🙂




Saturday 12/3/11- OK


Saturday 12/3/11- Ok. 

  Now, Rebel still looks pretty good… From a DISTANCE! LoL! My curls are tight and popping, my frizz looks full and soft AND very shiny!! 

But up CLOSE.. Different story! 

Y’all.. This hair is sticky, and full of flakes of what I assume is dandruff or DIRT! No, it’s not my regimen, not my products per se. It is SOMEWHAT my products. Of course I’ve been packing in the moisture and oils this week- and I will NEXT week also.. And activator gets sticky after a few days.

 But it’s WASH DAY! That’s why my hair is so dirty! LoL! It has to get there eventually! :p

Anyway, on a more “serious” note. Everyone is setting “dream length” goals for their hair, and at first I was like, I just want it HEALTHY! But what’s the harm in dreaming? So. I think my best length is mid back in its curly state. Why is that perfect for me? Am I obsessed with long hair? Do I have a complex? Yes I do.

 Hair isn’t “nice” unless it’s friggin’… HUGE!!! Damn all that longer, straighter, better crap! I love… I mean I HEART gigantic hair!! I want my hair so big it gives off SHADE to other people. Once it gets that long, it’s mega fro time! That’s right. Jen do it big! :p

Alright, I’m done rambling on this glorious Saturday afternoon. 🙂

Jen 😀

Seem’s My Baby Trying to Walk!

  Or rather she’s practicing HANGING.. LoL! I took my hair down from my plastic cap and bonnet today. Actually I conditioned all day yesterday and rinsed it out like 11:00 or so last night. Then I plopped, sealed, and put it up in the plastic cap soaking wet- well, not soaking wet, it was damp. Well, I just took the cap off so I could get some gel up in there, as you all know my gel is also a water based moisturizer. Maybe I should start calling it my “moisturizing gel”.. Or maybe just call it friggin’  Long Aid- Whatever! If I start using another gel, I’ll let yall know. But I have so say more than just “gel” because people think of styling gel. And I often say stuff like “I use it for moisture.” And there will be some smart ass going “Nah uh, gel has alcohol. And it dries your hair out not moisturize it. Blah, Blah.. I’m a hair expert..”  OK, that was unnecessarily snotty.. But you know it’s true..


ANYWAY, I applied my gel today about an hour ago. (Lazy.. Yes.) And after all the smoothing and shaking, my hair acted like it wanted to hang down. Now it’s not that long, and i”m sure it will shrink up pretty soon, but it did try to hang down and even made a little bang in the front, which is STILL hanging.. 🙂 Not that it matters. I have work this week for at least 3 days. After that it will be the holiday break for like FOUR days. (Yes!) But I’d never try to do a hanging style at this point. I know that would just end in disaster and disappointment. (Ok, being totally dramatic.) So I’m still styling it up, but just for tonight I think I’ll let my little Rebel try her “legs” out and let her “walk” a little. 🙂 Who knows?! Maybe this is the beginning of  great growth. 😀


  Nothing really stand out-ish to post about.. Just letting yall know about this little fro trying to act up. 🙂




Jen 😀

Wednesday 11/2/11

Wednesday 11/2/11

Well I had to do a quick co wash this week. I took as much care as I could in the time span of a SHOWER! it came out pretty good given the rush job I had to do. I am really getting good results from cowashing and I’m really surprised. I use to cowash when I had locs and just shampooed when they seemed to need it. Exactly why I stopped once I was loose I don’t know. Well, yeah I do. My thinning hair in the top. I’m still not sure about that. Or if not shampooing was causing it. It’s not getting worse or anything and I believe it’s tension related. My locs were really long and heavy (not abnormally heavy, but just heavier in one big mass than loose hair would be. So it was pulling more and I’d gather after nearly 6 years it made a permanent part in some spots. I’m hoping it will fill back in. If not, as long as it’s not getting WORSE, I can live with it.

Anyway, what I’ve been doing to my hair these days- and I guess this is gonna be my winter regimen- is cowashing weekly. I will be pre treating with the Vo5 Moisture Milks conditioner. If I can manage, I’ll do this over night. I’m a little scared to let it sit over night because it boasts having soy protein or silk protein or SOME sh*t! But I know it claims to have protein, and I’m protein sensitive. I know my hair doesn’t love the Vo5 like it does the Aussie, so there’s a good possibility I won’t be buying more when I run out. Anyway, for this pre treat, I’ll cover it with a plastic cap.

Next is the cowash with my HEART, Aussie Moist conditioner. Pretty simple. Just slather it on. I massage my scalp, but I TRY not to rub much conditioner on my scalp, so I’m pretty much just using water and friction to clean my scalp. You don’t want conditioner gunk building up on your scalp. So after a good massage, detangle with my wide tooth comb, then I rinse it out well.

While my hair is SOAKING wet, I mean DRIPPING wet, before plopping (wrapping your hair in a cotton tee shirt for those not in the know) I apply a generous amount of Aussie as my leave in. A generous amount for my length is about 2 full pumps. One over the back, one over the front. I then squeeze the excess water and conditioner out (similar to the Tightly Curly method) and wrap my hair with the tee. I finish up my shower and routine if I’m not in the shower I just leave it on for about 10 minutes.

If my hair seems too dry when I uncover it, I just either spritz or wet my hands and put a little water on it. Then I seal like CRAZY. Right now, since I’m trying CG I use coconut oil. And I really.. REALLY get it in. I completely coat my hands about 4 times and rub it on focusing on my ends.

After that I style. I still use my regular glycerin based gel. Since I seal well, my hair doesn’t get dried out. And the gel has so many beneficial ingredients- water, glycerin, aloe Vera. Good stuff!- that I wanna keep using it and I don’t see a better product out there. So. 🙂 Sometimes I shingle and comb each section with my wide tooth comb, others I just get it in. Just making sure to get my hair well saturated with it. When I do this, I just part it with my fingers down the middle and across and rake it through each section, making sure to focus on the ends. After that I just shake and arrange if I’m going out, if not I just shake and let it dry.

So that’s how I plan to manage my hair through the winter. It would be nice to twist it up and wear caps and all that crap, but honestly I’m too cheap to buy all those hats and I’m too fu**ing lazy to do all that twisting. I hope my hair is resilient enough to thrive loose. If not, I feel real damn sorry for my poor Rebel. :p


Jen 😀

Monday 10/24/11 – Technically 10/25/11 * HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMIE JACKSON! (10/25/40-4/18/86)

Monday 10/24/11 – Technically 10/25/11 * HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMIE JACKSON! (10/25/40-4/18/86)

Ok with all that out of the way. I got off early today so I figured I’d get my post out of the way. Remember yesterday I said I loaded my hair with product because I am perpetually LATE? Well I WAS as usual. Since I took my time shingling gel in, my curls were really defined and SHINY. They were a little smushed when I got up but for the most part they were just as defined as they were before the bonnet and plastic cap. So I decided to try to just spritz and go as the ladies say. And…

WINNING!! My hair was still loaded with Long Aid, so adding more would have been over kill. I was a little apprehensive about doing it like that because my hair gets dry in a SNAP! But honestly there was so much gel in my hair, it looked AND felt like I’d just put it in. My fro was big and poppin’, and I was going to just pull it back anyway for work. What was there really to lose? Well, 11 hours later, it is still moisturized and soft. And the curls are really defined after all these hours. I think it’s doing pretty good. 😀 I mean, I can’t keep my hands out of it! I think this is my BEST hair day.. EVER. Well, loose and natural anyway. I mean it is just.. SOFT!

Could it be the cowash? I did cowash yesterday instead of shampooing. Does Rebel NOW like a little curly girl? I even plopped with a tee, Honeys, I was REAL good this wash day!! LoL! And it paid off. I will NOT be going full curly girl. I have to wash my hair with shampoo. But maybe I don’t have to EVERY week. With the weather getting cooler I need to retain as much moisture as possible. There were several differences actually. I applied leave in (Aussie) to my SOAKING wet hair before plopping- and I used more this time. So that may have made it come out better. In any case I’m having an AWESOME hair day.

Now tomorrow may be another story!! LoL!


Jen 😀

I’ve Been… Awaaaaaay!!

  Well not really away, but I’ve been busy and sick all week… I usually blog before work, as DH has to be in earlier than I do so I have a couple of hours to kill. But now I have to come in early three times a week. Then Friday I started coming down with a nasty cold and it just came AAAAALL the way down yesterday. I mean I was BED RIDDEN!! I could not.. I just slept all day. I was on the net on my phone for a minute or two between sleeping. I mean I was.. SICK.. Which sucks because I just started taking vitamins and I guess they must have given the VIRUS extra strength too!! LoL! (Shut up!)  I’m feeling a little better- Well actually from yesterday, MUCH better. But I still feel pretty bad. I hope it’s better by tomorrow because I have a lot of hard work to do Monday AND Tuesday and who knows what the rest of the week will hold. So.. Body.. GET BETTER!!! :p

  Anyway, I was feeling good enough to wash my hair today AND take a few pictures. I also have a nice product review. It’s not a hair product, but we don’t just do our hair, now do we? Ok.. You know last week I was talking about experimenting with petroleum again. I actually tried it and it sealed OK. I think it would work better on clean hair. So I will try it again. But before I do that, I was thinking of trying, one more time.. The Curly Girl Method.  For those who have been living under a rock or just not researching hair care techniques the CG method is washing with a cheap, no silicone conditioner. It’s more of a rinsing regimine. All your products have to be silicone free, petroleum free, sulfate free.. All that good stuff. Now you can modify it in using water soluble cones and sulfate free shampoo. But basically the key is to not use anything that can ‘t be washed away with water. To start you have to use a sulfate shampoo to strip away all the products in your hair. Bump that. I just soaked my head in conditioner, let is sit… Rinsed it out well, added more, rinsed it all out. And my hair felt pretty darn clean. so I added Aussie and detangled, covered with a plastic cap and let it sit for HOURS.. 🙂 Rinsed it out, while dripping wet added a little more Aussie.. Maybe a quarter sized dollop. And wrapped with a Tee shirt. (Called “plopping”) Left it on maybe 10 minutes.


Yall… When I removed that tee… My hair was so soft and shiny even… It felt light and just nice.. It wasn’t real frizzy- which I don’t care about removing frizz, but still.. It just felt so nice. I spritzed to my water mixture (water, aussie, oil.) and  sectioned. (Yes I sectioned. YouTube Divas inspired me to section. LoL!) Applied  coconut oil VERY HEAVILY, then shingled Long Aid in. I mean REEEEEEALLY got it in there and combed it through. After all that shingling I shook my hair out and ended with a nice definition.. (Still frizzy.) Rebel is happy.. She’s WHITE.. But she’s happy.. And I know it will dry clear.


(This fucker dropped some of my damn post!! Now I gotta remember what I posted!!)

  Why so much product? Well, during the week I’m really busy. And I don’t have time to get the product in there. So if it’s already in there, it’s easy to refresh. Just spritz, and add a little product and go. Plus I wear a puff most times.. Really easy and quick. 🙂

I’m going to do my product review in a seperate post.

See ya in a minute!!


Jen 😀

Thursday 10/20/11- Curly’s Number 1 Fan!!

Thursday 10/20/11- Curly’s Number 1 Fan!!

That would be ME!! Ok, I’m sure I share that title with many people. But curls always, ALWAYS catch my eye! I just saw this skinny white guy with like JewFro curls!! LOVE IT! Then, there’s this show called “Workaholics” and one of the characters has the biggest, FRIZZIEST curls EVER!! It’s like, just let me TOUCH IT!! LoL! Guess I’m not a curl racist after all. :p

Anyway! I’ve been hearing and reading about a lot of naturals revisiting the old school stuff for hair- mainly GREASE. As in petroleum. Now I know lots of us stopped using grease because it’s been said it causes everything from thinning hair, to CANCER! And I wouldn’t grease my scalp with it- or anything actually. But come on! Old folks have been using grease forever and some of them have AWESOME hair. When I was little my mom used Royal Crown or Blue Magic grease on my hair. She has washed my hair with Ivory DISH DETERGENT! No conditioner. Then took some Crisco, YES the cooking kind!! And straightened my hair with a tight toothed STRAIGHTENING COMB with NO heat control. Just a metal comb heated on the stove to God knows how hot, secured with a lil’ pot of water! I mean OLD SCHOOL! No “heat protectant” or silicone. GANGSTA! And my hair was thick, long, and healthy.

So. In that spirit, I went back to lathering up- actually I started doing that because Rebel likes to be shampooed and my hair is thinning up top, so I’m thinking the conditioner alone is not cleansing my scalp. So now, I use my cheap Vo5 as a prepoo, and mix shampoo and conditioner together in my hand to wash. So it’s not CG, but it works.

And I’m going to try sealing with grease. With my eczema, I always have Vaseline in the house. I tried it today on my dirty hair and other than being greasy as hell my hair feels pretty good. I can’t wait to try it on clean hair. If it works out well, I may be going back to (And this sounds so weird.) grease.

Now, am I telling y’all to go to grease and cones and sulfates? (oh my!) If you like. But I’m not telling you to do it. If you don’t wanna DON’T. I’m saying if things worked in the past, try them now. You may find they STILL work. We all got on the natural kick and are no worse for the wear. But, when Miss Jessie’s can sell y’all grease for $50 I think a $2 jar is worth a try. 🙂

In any case, I’ll let y’all know how it goes.

11:11 TRY it! You just might like it!!

Jen 😀

*HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINNIE!! (10/20/61-11/23/09)