Giving Co Washing a Second Try…

Yes, I know.. Last time it was a HOT ass mess, but this time I’m using a different conditioner and I don’t plan on doing it exclusively. I will still be shampooing when I feel I need it. But with the cooler weather and dry heat all around, I figure a little extra moisture couldn’t hurt.


When did all this start? Well, I got lazy actually. LoL! I went the whole weekend and did SQUAT to my hair. Come Monday, my hair was dirty and needed redoing. So having like an hour to get ready, I decided to just rinse with some conditioner and slather up with gel as best I could. Well, I got several compliments!! And I had a pretty good and easy hair week. Most days I just spritzed and maybe added a little oil and went. I was shocked every time I got a compliment!!


So, after watching one of those irksome Wen commercials,  I’m trying it out again. This time instead of using a cone filled conditioner like Aussie, I’m using my Tresemme Naturals which to my best knowledge is cone free. Plus I don’t use as many products as I did in the beginning. I was kind of worried about the Ecostyler not getting completely washed away, but it seems to be working pretty well. And my hair feels way more moisturized, obviously, than it did with even the WONDERFULLY perfect L’Oreal EverCreme shampoo. I think winter is the perfect time to try this again. So hopefully this will end well. 🙂


And product reviews!! I have tried a few more products! Some I reviewed on YouTube, but not on here, so look for those in the near future. Among the products I’ve been using I finally tried Eco Styler and fell in LOVE with it!! I’m also on ,as mentioned above, Tresemme Naturals and L’Oreal EverCreme shampoo. Both have been working wonders for my hair. I’ve examined my hair texture and came up with some interesting discoveries. Well, one discovery and came to a very peaceful conclusion. 🙂 So look for all those posts to come. 🙂


But for now, I am done. Thanks for Reading. 🙂




Couldn’t Hardly Wait!

  And I’m glad I DIDN’T!! That could have been a DISASTER!


 What am I going on about, you may ask… I decided to try the My DNA Honeybee Leave In tonight… I rinsed out my conditioner that had sat over night.. I was good as moisturized… So I said, “What the hay? It’s just a watery leave in, what harm can it do…”

  Well… I spritzed my little Rebel up good… And this stuff started LATHERING!!! Yes, soap! Foam!! Stripping soapy FOAM!! My hair balled up in a matted knot! I made a video with the stuff in my hair, but I’m not sure if I’ll air it. (Translation: I was looking ROUGH!!!! LoL!) But it looked and felt, even SOUNDED like shampoo in my hair! It was the weirdest thing. And the way my hair felt, I was honestly SCARED that it had some how DAMAGED my hair! Oh yes.. It was that MAJOR!! There was no slip, no moisture, just… extreme matting of my hair


So, I had to rinse it out and cowash my hair to try and get some of the moisture back into my hair. I did this with my Tresemme and PRAYED my hair would feel ok after. And it feel just that.. “OK”. Nothing special. Normally my hair is super soft after an overnight condition, but that stuff just stripped all that right back out. It made my hair feel like the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo n Conditioner 2 in 1. Now to be fair, the conditioner didn’t make my hair hard. I used it as my pre poo and I noticed my hair was actually pretty soft, which makes me wanna try it. It does have protein in it, so… I don’t know. Well, actually it has Corn Silk which I ASSUME is protein. That may have actually been the issue with the Honeybee Leave In, it may be high in protein. That would explain the hardness, but not the lather.


  My hair actually feels pretty soft NOW after washing that product out of my hair so it didn’t do any damage I guess, but I obviously won’t use it again. A common complaint about the rest of the products is that being for curly/wavy/kinky hair, they have zero slip and aren’t moisturizing enough.Any product for those hair types- Especially for tightly curled hair have to be MOISTURIZING. We need all we can get. And that slip has to be there. No ifs ands or buts about it.


  I’m sure these products work for someone, just not for ME. I still have yet to try the other 2 products they sent me, but as of now I am in no hurry. I know I won’t try them if I’m going somewhere. I have an appointment tomorrow.. Imagine if I’d tried this at the LAST MINUTE… Disaster. 


  So, I’ve gotten my first review out of the way, and it is not good. Which is a shame because these products were generously sent to me for free by the company and I was hoping I’d be able to give them a glowing review instead of this not so stellar one, but honesty is best. And honestly… I’m scared to try the other two products. LoL!


A little about my hair. My hair is 4a/3c if that matters at ALL. (Not really.) I’m low porosity.. VERY low porosity. LoL! Stuff will literally just sit on my hair, which may be why this product lathered. It says you can use it on wet or dry hair. I’m scared to try it again on dry hair. 😦 I can’t handle protein. If these products are high in protein (I won’t know because they didn’t include an ingredients list. Which also annoyed me. You know how we naturals are. We like to know. I searched the site up and down (  and I found NOTHING. The ingredients are on the full sized products, but.. Obviously.. Not buying that.


  So, in short this product didn’t work for me at all. It may work for you. I’d try for a free sample if possible. The products aren’t SUPER expensive but they aren’t cheap either. This leave in is $14.99 for 8oz. Honestly this is too rich for my blood. When water works great as my leave in, I can’t see spending nearly $15 for a liquidy spray unless this stuff was the pure-T JUNK! And.. Just.. NO.. Not for me. But it may work for you. If you’re feeling brave hit them up and give it a go. Who knows? You may find your new favorite product.


That is all..




Jen 😀

Surprise in My Mailbox!! (My DNA!!)

  Yep, I received some products in the mail today. My DNA is Universal products from Universal Beauty Products. I received The Monoi de Tahiti Moisture Rich Shampoo, the Shea Monoi de Tahiti Detangling conditioner, and the Honeybee Leave In conditioner. Three nice sized samples, 2 oz each.


OK. I haven’t used the products yet. I got them after I washed my hair and had it soaking with conditioner, so it will be at least next week before I try them. All I have for you now is that they are really thick and rich as far as I can feel and they smell pretty good. They kinda smell like Cream of Nature shampoo. (Thanks Elle for nailing that fragrance!) It’s not the BEST fragrance in the world, but far from the worst. I’m pretty sure it won’t linger in your hair… PRETTY sure.

I may (MAY!!!) spray a little of the leave in in my hair when I wash my conditioner out just to be doing something, but I really wanna try all the products together. I WISH they had included their Shea Monoi Honey Butter. I think that would have rounded the test off a little better, but beggers can’t be chosers.

Up front, I don’t like that the company is so secretive about ingredients. Several posters on have had similar issues with the company and I find that a bit off putting. I did get to see the ingredients on Elle’s YouTube review and noticed the leave in does contain Sodium Hydroxide. Some say it’s just a preservative, I say it’s Sodium Hydroxide.. It won’t stop me from trying the product, but it is what it is. These products all contain honey I believe as well. I have nothing against honey, but someone might. You never know. It’s not a sin, but it is just a little iffy when  a company makes it hard to get hold of an ingredients list. You wonder, what y’all hiding? I don’t know..

But ANYWAY, that will be a review for next week. Hopefully I can get that up over the weekend. NEXT weekend.. LoL! But for now, that’s all I can say for this product. 🙂



Why do I keep trying this???

I keep trying to make this Smooth n Shine work for my hair and it’s always the same result. Great curls, on DAY ONE.. Then just a dry frizzy hot mess.. But I have tried it again. The stuff SMELLS awesome. I love it..  It’s like.. Berries maybe? I just smells really good I know that. It was cheap, and seemed it would work. With a hold of MAXIMUM you’d think it would hold your curls in place.. But the last several times I’ve used it, nothing! But I have to use it up.. I want to try Ecostyler next. Will it be better? Probably not.. My hair just doesn’t do much with gel. I use to try to slick my hair with gel, but it never really slicked down.


Now my curls are really poppin’ for the most part, RIGHT NOW.. I’m not sure if it will last, but I know I have to protect it and actually BAGGY though that defeats the purpose of using gel. Maybe… I don’t know.. I have to perfect my flaxseed gel recipe. And to add insult to injury.. I have a little BALD SPOT on the top of my head.. I mean.. You can’t see it. I do have a lot of hair and it’s really dense.. But it makes my bobbie pins slack in the front.. It looks great to others who love my natural hair, but sucks to me. CAUSE I KNOW I HAVE A BALD SPOT IN MY HEAD!! LoL! Wonder if Jamaican Castor oil would help me out. I’ve heard it helps people grow their edges back. I’m not sure what caused the spot. Maybe the weight of my super long locs. Or stress… Malnutrition? I don’t know. Maybe I need to start taking my vitamins again. I don’t know. My mom had some baldness when she did wash her hair. (Bad advice from stylists.) I’ve been cowashing.. Maybe that’s what’s happening.. Just in case, I’ve started shampooing again. I may need a different shampoo, as the one I’m using is DH’s and it’s kinda cheap and drying. Still it cleans and Rebel actually looks BETTER for it. Maybe I can’t cowash. Not exclusively. Maybe I NEED to shampoo once a week to keep my scalp healthy. Who knows.. The body is weird.


Anyway, I guess I’m done for a second. There will be more to come. I’m just running really late. DH will be home soon and I have started no food or anything.. No it’s not 1940, but hell I gotta eat too!! LoL! So until later..




Jen 😀

Another Saturday..

*You may wonder why this is my 3rd post of the day? What I do all week is copy and paste my posts from my phone. I have ideas, but not internet at work. (Or signal at ALL.. Thanks AT&T.) So they sometimes get pasted on the same day. I try to date each post so y’all won’t get confused. ;)*

But not just any saturday.. The Saturday of a THREE DAY WEEKEND!! Oh, yes baby.. I ALWAYS love these.

Anyway, it’s also another wash day. Now DH is always complaining my hair is like a “young boy’s” hair. i decided to try to style my hair. Now.. I am so not a done up type and I really don’t like hairstyles at this length. I mean.. It looks OK. But I just don’t like it.. The Long Aid is by far not the culprit in this. That stuff is wonderful. Honey I hate to keep sounding like a broken record and a spokesperson for Long Aid, but I really love the product. But this time I think  I just MAY have used a little bit TOO MUCH PRODUCT. But the good thing about it is Long Aid wears off and rubs off and all kinda sh*t.. So it will only get better with time.. That is if I don’t feel compelled to rinse it out! LoL!


  I used my mix of Aussie Moist and Suave Captivating Curls and left it on to soak to allabdamn.. About 3 hours. Rinsed as usual, but this time I shingled with the Long Aid and put a little part in my hair and tried to style. As it’s drying I gotta tell ya.. It’s shiny.. Defined.. But shrinking.. and I just don’t like it. It’s OK, but I just don’t like it AT ALL.. LoL! But since DH is always after me to pick it out or style it or SOMETHING, I’m giving it the old college try. I’m sorry this post is kinda boring. I haven’t bought any new products. BUT I did notice Long Aid works better alone for refreshing or daily application. I can’t bring myself to use it totally alone. So after I wash I will be still using all my oils and lotion, but through the week, I’ll just put it on. The PJ in me just wants to put like 40 products at once on my hair. So not cool. But I’ll adjust. 🙂

Well, I guess that’s all for now. There will be more… At some point.. LoL.. I guess I’m just short winded today.. (For once, right.)

Later Goddesses…

Jen 😀

Friday 7/1/11- Conformity

Friday 7/1/11- Conformity.

Well DH is really on a roll, but running out of material. OK. Today’s complaint/insult is…. The hair is uneven. Now I know this is because I cut it myself to a certain extent. I don’t have a hand mirror, so I can’t pull and pat effectively. BUT with the help of my camera and regular mirror, I HAVE seen my hair and I just do NOT see what the major malfunction is!! It is WORKABLE. I can live with it.

OK. Now I think about it deeper and he keeps wanting me to “pick it out”- which I don’t think is good for curly hair so much- like a regular Afro. He is actually complaining about the curls clumping together!!! The thing we naturals often seek is the thing he doesn’t care for!!

Here’s the issue. Conformity. Curls are rarely the same length or type. Some are a little longer, some are shorter, some tighter, some looser. What this does- especially in a TWA- is makes the hair look uneven. Like there are spot sticking up here and there. If you are the type who gets irked by the spiky, uneven look you can always either trim or just shave it all off and hope it grows back even. Me, I’m really not that person anymore. Since growing my locs, I’ve learned that my hair is a Rebel WITH a cause- cause she fuckin’ WANTS to!! LoL! And there is mo real need in wishing and worrying cause she is gonna do what she wants to do. BUT.. If you just let her do what she do, you’ll end with beautiful truly majestic results. I trust nature to do what’s perfect for itself.

Now Mother Nature did me in too, as I’d just rinsed that KeraCare out and got all my products in and fluffed- then it started pouring down out side and had me looking a hot damn mess. So maybe that was making it look all weird. Then again, he always says it looks bad. But I just don’t see it now. I saw it was weird looking before, but now with the exception of the back being still a LITTLE- very LITTLE- too short. The rest looks FINE! I mean it doesn’t make me really feel bad anymore when he says these things. But I wish I was one of those lucky Sistas with a man who supports their natural hair journey. Oh well. Guess everyone can’t be so lucky.

Well, Beauties, that’s all for now.


Jen 😀