New Products? Why?!

  When I locked my hair nearly 7 years ago, I wanted to try every single loc product out there! Butters, shampoos, scents- THE WORKS!!! But as my locs got older, I realized (luckily within the first few months.) you don’t even need all that. Sure if you’re a 1-2c hair type, MAYBE you’ll need something to hold your locs until they take hold. But I’m a “4a/3c”. My hair will lock all on it’s own when left alone just kept clean and moisturized. So for all those years with those enviable locs I used just shampoo- regular shampoo, whatever my hair liked- conditioner, and oil. A $2 oil and then just peanut oil, then coconut oil. Nothing extreme or fancy.

  Well, when I decided to go loose last year I got the PJ itch again. I wanted to try every curly girl product out there! Gels, creams, butters, EVERYTHING that promised beautiful curls. I was realistic. I know your hair will only do what it can do. All you can do is work with it to make it look it’s best. So Miss Jessie’s didn’t turn my head as they want you to get that dang Silkener (aka Texturizer) they want you to believe you need. And they promised to make your curls “better” then they were. Very good hair/bad hair mentality that product encourages. So I had no interest in that. But I was all up on Amazon and  Curlmart just going through pages and pages of products wishing I was filthy rich so I could try them all.  There are still a few I’d love to try even to this day! I AM still a woman, though a minimalist one. Moisturizers and conditioners still turn my head.

But then I get to thinking.. Why? I mean, my Long Aid is both my moisturizer and my styler. It gives me defined curls that last all day, my hair is easily refreshed for an entire WEEK with this product.. It’s ALMOST like I have a process using this product. Back when I had my hair processed and was using this product, I used the same methods I use now (except I don’t baggy every night anymore. Though in the beginning I did.) and it works just as well. So basically I am just washing my hair with a cheap sulfate shampoo (Most sulfate frees dry my hair out. Go figure.) cut with my TRESemme conditioner, I detangle with TRESemme and it serves as my deep over night conditioner, I spritz my hair daily with water (free, well you have to pay your water bill or buy bottled water. Or catch rain water. :p ) and just add a little gel everyday.. And that’s it. And looking at everyone elses refresh routine.. It’s pretty much the same.. And their products cost a fortune. But they still have to do what I do everyday…. So I’m getting in extreme cases 14 day hair!! (A couple of times, yes I did. By day 14 it was JACKED, but it lasted!!!) Every time I’m getting 7 day hair. So…. I think my lil’ Long Aid is doing a pretty good job for just $6 a jar. LoL!

  This isn’t knocking those who like to shop around. In all realness, if I was better off financially I probably would have bought every single product I could get my hands on. My brokieness (YES THAT IS A WORD!! 😛 ) actually saved me from being a PJ honestly. Miss Jessie’s probably would have sold me something that I probably would have been disappointed with due to all the mineral oil they load their products up with. Curlmart and Amazon would have just gotten super rich off me!  Some of that stuff looks UNREALY yummy for curls!! So yeah, if I had the disposable income, I’d be right there with the rest of them. But because I have to budget my money so tight, it forced me to find what works at a cheap price. And I can’t really think anything would be better. The only thing I wish I could do was find something that defines my hair but doesn’t dry sticky. Oil on top of Long Aid cuts the stickiness quite a bit and I can live with it.. But still.. If I could find that product, it might share the spotlight with my fave. But from what I can see any of the products that other curlies use is just gonna make my hair stiff and hard for the price I wanna pay- and some for the price I REFUSE to pay for crunch! I wouldn’t mind trying EcoStyler gel someday if I can find it at a good price. At my local store it cost like almost $5 for 16oz. Not expensive, but it IS the clear, AND that is higher than it normally costs. Still some day I might give it a go. Just to say I did.

  And then, speaking of other curlies… SCRUNCHING… I just…. can not…. I tried it just to be funny.. What scrunching is supposed to do is super define your curls.. Well, I put my conditioner in yesterday and said.. Wow.. Look at those curls… So I tried to scrunch… And my hair… Well it just balled up.. LoL! Stuck together and balled up.. So unless my hair is knee length, scrunching is a no ma’am! LoL! Like using conditioner as a styler. Conditioner is not heavy enough to hold my curls right. My hair would be a white, knotted, dry, ashy MESS if I did that. I can just see it! My hair is just totally weird. Rebel is one of a kind. She likes what she likes. And if she doesn’t like it, you will suffer if you try to push it on her.. (Reminds me of someone else I’ve known for many years.. ***MEEEEEEE*** 😛 ) So yeah, and that makes it more likely that all these wonderful products wouldn’t do anything for my hair. Nothing other curlies do works for my curls. NOTHING!!! So I’m guessing the products they use won’t either. Which means I’d be wasting my money…

  Well, that’s pretty much it for now. Just a quick rant. Stay tuned for a new product review. I’m not sure if I actually reviewed the product already. I think it was a first impressions review. The TRESemme Flawless Curls conditioner review. I have a more in depth review now. I’ve used it a few times. 🙂

OK.. So… Yeah.. 😀


Jen 😀


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