Day Two… Er… One…

  WHATEVER!! The day I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair!! LoL!! As you know, or maybe not yesterday, I washed my hair with White Rain Naturals in Apple Blossom, and detangled/conditioned/deep conditioned with the Tresemme Moisture Rich conditioner. Now the White Rain worked really well on cleaning my hair and scalp, but not stripping my hair. It left my hair feeling pretty soft after. The Tresemme did a pretty good job with detangling and what not. I did have a little bit of a struggle, but I think it was more my technique than the conditioner. It’s like I went into it wrong or something. LoL! But it did a pretty good job of giving me enough slip to detangle with. I put my hair in twists as I usually do, though I put more than usual. I have noticed my hair is thicker on the ends for some reason than it is at the roots.. Well, of course that would be impossible. My hair is bushy on the ends and smoother at the roots- anyway, it makes my twists come loose on the end, so I made smaller twists than usual.. Not even important. LoL! ANYWAY!!! I’m all off track. I twisted it up and covered with my plastic cap and bonnet as usual and off to sleep I went.


  I won’t lie.. I was impressed or scared.. It went back and forward. I mean… This Tresemme stuff might be disolving my hair!! It was feeling pretty soft.. Like my twists felt very soft and squishy under the cap.. y’all laugh, but I’m pretty sure somebody out there has been there. LoL! Trying new products is damn scary and we Naturalistas are always paranoid about our curls ANYWAY.. So some thoughts ran through my mind. But I left it alone.

  After a night and an evening of touching my little twists under my cap, I decided to rinse the conditioner out. I don’t think I should leave conditioner in my hair covered in plastic more than a day, (I DON’T THINK I SHOULD.. If you like that, good for you. Do what works.. I just didn’t want to.) and I was going to wash clothes anyway. (That raggedy bastard is STILL not working. The repair man has been here.. Well ONCE, but he was supposed to show up 3 times and it’s scheduled again for tomorrow. Hopefully my wash house days are numbered!!)I figured I’d rinse it all out and throw a little gel in and go.


My hair was soft… It felt really soft.. Well, not excessively soft, but it was soft. It’s still soft. It feels nice and the smell is pretty nice, if drugstore-y.. It’s tolerable. I wouldn’t say I was floored or anything, but it did perform well. With all the cones my hair should be WELL protected, that’s for sure.. LoL! I’m not really happy about all the cones, but I do think this conditioner is a  good one to keep on stand by..


BUT.. I think I need to back off  of overnight conditioning. Not stop, but do it less often. It may be causing my hair to become over conditioned and break off. I notice when I rinse my hair, there is hair just rinsing away. It is so… WEIRD. I rinse and hair comes out with the water.. Not more than the 100 strands or whatever, but.. I don’t know.. It just kinda weirds me out. LoL! Maybe I’ll try letting it sit for a few hours then rinse.. Then again, I use to do that and it just didn’t seem the conditioner was getting into my hair. I am very low porosity and it takes a long time for moisture to get into my hair. So I don’t know what to do about that. I’ll figure it out eventually. This is a journey. 🙂


Anyway, My hair is still very soft. It pretty much feels like it did with the Suave Almond and Shea Butter, and actually like it does with Aussie.. I’m starting to think as long as it’s not a protein conditioner, my hair is gonna respond pretty much the same to whatever conditioner I use. I may get a little more softness with one a little more coating with another, but I think they are gonna pretty much all perform the same. Which is good, because I know I don’t have to spend $50 on a conditioner because it will perform like a $3 one. So I take that as a “W”. 😀


Far as cowashing.. I don’t think I’d cowash with this exclusively because of all the cones. I mean there are at least 3 cones/xanes at the front of the ingredients list, so this stuff would definitely build up without a sulfate strip them off. I mean if you cowash 3 weeks out of the month, then shampoo you might be ok. Me I use sulfates, so I’m good. But as I may or may not have said, I’m not really happy about all the cones. But I’m not totally opposed to them if the product works and I’m stripping them off every wash. AND I’m not experiencing any dryness from them coating my hair. As long as all that’s good, so am I.


So, as of now, I’d buy this again. I think I’d buy this over the Suave because it gave me shedding, but a little less.. BUT as for price, I’d go with the Suave A&SB. I’m quite sure I can find that for under $2 if I shop around. But Tresemme is definitely in the game. 🙂


And that’s it.. Until next wash day. 🙂




Jen 😀

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