4/21/12- Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil (“First” Impression)

4/21/12- Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil

What a mouth full!! LoL! Anyway, I like this oil. Honestly I’ve always loved this oil. The ingredients are wonderful, it makes my hair shiny, as a loose natural my curls are beautiful, it still doesn’t totally counteract the stickiness of my gel, but I can live with it. There are no silicones or petrolatum. The formula is basically the same as it was when I was buying it several years ago.

And so is the SMELL! Still smells like baby oil! And it irritates my hand eczema. But I can wash my hands after I apply and the scent isn’t BAD. It just gets old fast and may interfere with your perfume or whatever. This product would be PERFECT if it was unscented. But this isn’t enough to make me review the product negatively. It’s a great product and I will probably purchase it again.

Now, I do think this product builds up in my hair. Not really in a “bad” way, but definitely it does stick around. I can tell because when I put my gel in the next day it seems to leave white stuff that looks like soap suds in my hair. I’m pretty sure that the whole oil and water deal at work. But it goes away pretty quick and leaves my hair soft and curly and let’s not forget shiny!! Plus I’m noticing less shedding. That may be due to me stopping using the Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo. I’ve actually been using my Dove body wash as shampoo. I plan on trying out some new shampoos soon. If the two conditioners work well, I may buy the matching shampoos and see what they do. But that’s another review. 🙂

It really is a great product. And it’s just $3 at the dollar store, and at Walmart it’s probably cheaper! I was paying $1.88!! And this is an 8oz bottle!!! Seriously, I’ve heard rave reviews of oils upward of $20 with ingredients no where near this good! So.. Yeah. I’m singing it’s praises. LoL!

So, that’s my review on Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil.


Jen 😀


2 thoughts on “4/21/12- Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil (“First” Impression)

    • It really is a great oil, I mean the ingredients are wonderful. It’s just my eczema is making it a no for me. But if you’ve perfectly normal skin, it is wonderful. Plus it’s about $2!! Can’t miss. 🙂

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