Confusion over Posts

Possible Confusion over Posts…

  You may wonder why I have multiple posts going through in one day back to back. (YOu may know, or you may not care, but if you do….) Sometimes they are not in order even!! Well, this is because I compose my blog post on the notepad of my phone, then copy and paste to my WordPress app once I get a good signal. Currently I THINK.. After many years, AT&T are working on their antennas so maybe sooner or later I’ll have a signal and can just post directly to wordpress.

That’s basically the long and the short of it.. It’s also why some post seem to end early or unfinished. I’ll have lost my train of thought and instead of rambling (More than usual.) I’ll just end it short and start over, but I really want those thoughts that did get put down to go in.

So.. That’s the explaination.. 🙂

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