It’s official. Conditioning overnight is a MUST for low porosity hair! Well, not a MUST. Not like your hair will EXPLODE if you don’t. But it is useful in keeping your moisture levels up. My hair is definitely keeping in more moisture, though my gel is being weird today.

On to…


My hair is being… “off” this week. It’s not really dry, it’s more the way it’s reacting to my gel. I’m doing what I always do, but my gel is setting like styling gel. It’s done that before when the dews were low. I haven’t checked them lately, so. Last night I wet my hair and sealed with my coconut oil. Today it’s not as sticky so the oil took care of that. But it still feels stiff like I put mousse or styling gel in it. My curls are set and very defined. It’s actually probably what most people would call a soft hold, but I’m use to just activator feel. Maybe it’s nothing. It’s definitely nothing to panic about. At least the hair is fine it’s just the product. I can feel that. It’s. It like the HEHH ordeal where I felt like my hair was RUINED! No, I just have that “styling gel crunch”. šŸ˜¦ But it’ll be alright. Tomorrow I’ll rinse it out and see if that helps.

I just popped over to my TWC texts and the humidity has been below 50% the last few days, and glycerin based activators work best in high humidity/dew points. I mean you can use them all year long, but your best results are gonna be about late March-November. (In the south that is. North, maybe April-September?)

I do like the definition though. My curls are in FULL tight curl mode right now. I notice sometimes my curls are looser, but with my activator used alone they are SUPER tight! LoL! And there’s nothing wrong with that. With oil, my hair has bigger, frizzier curls. Almost NO curls. But water based just being them out. šŸ™‚ Same hair, different products, totally different results. Isn’t natural hair wonderful. šŸ˜€

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better result to share. But for now.. Making due. :p


Jen šŸ˜€


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