3/12/12- Seriously?!!

3/12/12- Seriously?!!

Guess what? I’m goin’ 2 weeks again! >_< I don't know what happened exactly this time. I just kept saying "I'mma wash it… I'mma wash it…" And "I'mma" never got around to it! LoL! So.. Yeah. This should be interesting, right? Maybe I'll get time one day this week, but I know how that goes. If it gets to Wednesday, there's no need to because I'll likely wash it Saturday or Sunday anyway.

Hopefully Rebel won't lock up be them. :p

Oh, and I got some Curly Love this weekend. This (white) lady asked if this was my actual hair and then said she wanted hers curly like this because it's really pretty. 🙂 It took me by surprise because I felt I was lookin' a hot mess with my day 8 wash n go. Which is sadly day 9 now. Lord. ANYWAY! That just goes to show you, on days you feel you are the very definition of to'e up, you're probably lookin' pretty damn fly to someone…. Do black people still say "fly"? Hmmm. :p


Jen 😀


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