3/8/12- Spring Has Sprung!

3/8/12- Spring Has Sprung!

And so have my ALLERGIES!! LoL! Well, it’s not exactly Spring yet, but as it is 81 degrees here, might as well say it’s spring!

Anyway, y’all know I’m a woman who loves her activator, but hates the stickiness of it. Well, guess what? I’ve found a way to kind of (KIND OF!!!) counter that. Oil. Yep. Oil on top. I rarely put oil on top because I want the glycerin to attract moisture from the air and oil may impede that attraction. But I DO seal over at night a few times a week. Well today on Naturally Curly there was a girl saying to keep her activator from evaporating and drying her hair out she puts oil on top. So I said why not? What have I to lose.

I can touch my hair, y’all. And it’s not very wet and sticky as it usually is. It looks a little dull, but it’s ok. I’m just enjoying TOUCHING it! I still can feel a little stickiness, but it’s tolerable. This, in my first impression, is a hit. 🙂

To do it, just wet your hair a little, apply your activator as usual, then hit it with a little oil. That’s it. Pretty easy. 🙂

Just sharing my lil experiment with y’all. 🙂


Jen 😀


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