3/1/12- Preference…

3/1/12- Preference…

When it comes to things like hair and complexion, preference is a hot button. If you get someone saying I like light skinned girls/guys or silky curls, and God forbid BOTH, they will get a side eye so severe it may get stuck! I get pissed when I hear this. And I AM light skinned with what some may (some may not, who gives a sh’t?!) say “good hair”, and it still hits a nerve to hear a guy say this. I think it would be MORE acceptable to me for a guy to say he likes dark skin and “kinky” hair. SHORT hair!! I wouldn’t be mad at him. But the other way.. Just sounds like slave mentality to me. Or better yet, he just likes WOMEN. No matter the hair, skin, size- whatever.

But is that fair? What if someone says “I only like white cars.” or “I only wear tennis shoes.” Now car brands are a hot button. I like Toyotas because they last forever and get great gas mileage. 100,000 mile is just the half way point in the life of a ‘yota. Am I saying we make total crap in America? Well, I won’t go there. :p

But the point is, why can’t men have a preference in they type of woman they like. Or people have a particular type of hair they like. Probably because they are so snooty about it. Not to mention they NEVER have what they want you to have. It’s always the BLACKEST bastard that wants a light skinned, mixed or ASIAN girl! AND makes a big deal over every light piece of ass that walks in the building!! They don’t care how she is, just WHAT she is. It’s actually kinda insulting. The fattest bastard wants a skinny or “fit” girl. Maybe they want something extremely different than they are or from their own mom. DH said he liked dark skinned small women because big light skinned women reminded him of his mom and aunts and sister. Being a big light skinned woman myself, that was awkward. >_<

There is just so much unacceptable weirdness in people's minds. We have to change our way of seeing things. Our way of thinking. I have no preference in skin or hair. My DH happens to be light skinned with 3b/c curls- but 0b in the top cause it's all gone. LoL! Did he get picked because he was high yella? Nope. He was just chosen because he was him. He could have been dark with a stiff fro and he'd be just as chosen. So…

Anyway, these are just some of the things I spend my day thinking about.


Jen 😀


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