I’ve been experimenting with NOT baggying at night. Why? Well, my hair spends all day wet, and it may not me such a good idea for it to be wet 24/7. I’m not sure how, but it may damage it some how. Like, things that stay wet tend to mildew and start to rot. Not sure hair will “rot” but I’m sure it can mildew. And I don’t want moldy hair. :p So I’ve been just putting my bonnet on and going to bed. Maybe dampen it a little and seal. In the morning most of my definition is gone, but when I fluff it’s all soft and.. Well.. FLUFFY. LoL! It looks great if I just wanna wear it in an undefined Afro. So maybe I can just baggy when I deep condition. Or condition. As you can see I’m trying to tweak my routine. I just want Rebel to thrive and grow. Hell it’s already thin in the top I don’t need the rest of it to fall out! LoL!

I was looking at old photos from when I first chopped. And my hair has grown quite a bit. That’s why it’s important to take lots of pictures. I felt like it was still the same length. Just day to day looks dictated it was not growing at all. No matter how much my buddy kept saying it was getting long. But I took a trip to Fotki and yep. It’s growing. 😀 So.. When you think you’re doing it all wrong, you can always look at your old photos and see, ok. I’m doing SOMETHING right.. Or at least you’re doing nothing wrong. LoL!

Ok. That’s it. :p


Jen 😀


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