2/9/12- What in Fresh HELL is the Matter With You?!

2/9/12- What in Fresh HELL is the Matter With You?!

Is what I wanted to say last night when I got off work. This guy I work with just grabs a hand full of my hair!! Then goes “Eww, your hair is wet with that gel!” And wipes it on my shirt!! There is so much wrong with this situation!!!! Why the HELL do you feel it’s ok to shove your hands in someone’s hair with nary a word of PERMISSION?!! Now I do it to one of my guy friends here cause he likes it. (Gay.. Mohawk… You gotta touch it. :p) But this is a rub.. This idiot just tried to PULL my hair! Back up even more… Everybody knows you don’t put your hands in a WOMAN’S hair unless she tells you you can.. ESPECIALLY a BLACK woman’s hair!! A bi*ch will KILL you about f’ing up her hurr! (Yes.. He got brutally punched after the incident. I had to breathe for a minute to stop. )

So basically, what the f*ck is wrong with people? I know you got friends and sh*t, but damn how you do ya friends?!! How the hell you do yo’ enemies!! LoL!

This is perfect for the “That Awkward Moment” thread on NaturallyCurly.com however. Life is one LONG awkward moment. :p

ANYWAY. My hair was sticky even to me- who was SUPPOSED to be the only one TOUCHING IT! So apparently I have to give it a rinse at least every few days. I’m not crazy about the wetness either. I’m thinking of trying Carefree Curl one day, but I’m not sure if it will be heavy enough for my hair. Long Aid is thick and very heavy. Light products tend to just vanish in my hair. Like nothing’s there. Does nothing for it. Maybe just go lighter on the gel. I don’t know. I’m still working out the details. This is my first year as a loose natural, so. Lots to learn. πŸ™‚ I’m doing pretty good though. I have a lifetime to get to know my lil Rebel. (**awww..* :p )


Jen πŸ˜€


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