2/8/12- Let Yo’ Soooooooul Glo!!

2/8/12- Let Yo’ Soooooooul Glo!!

That’s what my hair reminds me of today. LoL!! It really has that Jheri Curl shine. I haven’t pulled it back yet, so it just looks very Jheri Curlish. I still can’t get over how defined my hair is with just this damn gel!! I mean the definition of Kinky Curly or EcoStyler with none of the crunch. No lotion, no leave in, no magic potion. Just activator.

I love accenting what you have naturally. I think I posted a rant a few weeks ago about people saying defining your curls was not natural. That you gotta have a Buckwheat effect going on to be natural…. A lil finger in the light socket effect.. Whatever. But I do agree with SOME of the points they make. Not everyone has curly hair. Not everyone has straight hair. And desperately trying to make your hair, your body, YOU do something you weren’t made to do is damaging. Psychologically destructive. I DO read many a post wondering how to make one’s hair curly because no matter what they do theirs won’t curl/coil. And no matter how many times you tell them not all hair is curly, you’ll still get 400 more asking the same question. I know how they feel!! My hair is VERY curly, BUT it is also wiry and course. Not soft and fluffy or silky. Well, individually my strands are silky, but I think everyone’s are. But when they get together they are course feeling. Go figure. And I HATE that. I love my hair. Don’t EVER get that twisted, sometimes I’m like… Come on, man.. You can’t be a LITTLE softer? LoL! Seriously. But, my hair is fairly healthy, has cute little curls, and growing like a weed. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. And a relaxer never helped. Nor did a Jheri Curl. Other than being beat down it was the same texture. So.. Oh well. I guess Rebel and I are meant to be just as we are. 🙂 She’s cute, curly, and wiry. I’m a little chubby, sarcastic, and stubborn. :p It is what it is.


Jen 😀


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