I swear, the weekend just doesn’t last 5 MINUTES! You all happy cause it’s quittin’ time Friday… Next thing you know I be DAMN if it ain’t start up time MONDAY! LoL! Well I guess I should be happy to have income. 🙂 Anyway, I skipped my wash again this weekend. (Seems I just ain’t gonna rest til Rebel just fall the hell OUT!) Honestly my hair doesn’t really feel dirty, but part of the reason I wash weekly is to comb through my hair for the week. Maybe if I get up early enough I’ll wash it one day this week.

I did rinse it out though. I also “sealed” with some coconut oil. Now normally I put it in first them my gel, but today I said what the hell? Why not. Honestly since its not that humid anyway and my hair was soaking wet when I put the gel in I don’t have to worry about the glycerin drying out my hair. (If it does that anyway. I’m not a scientist. Leave me alone! :p ) Normally I’ll oil it up at night on day 1 after washing it, but I figured why not give it a try. So far it feels pretty much the same- WET! But it’s not as sticky right now. And it actually seems to be drying.. In a good way. So, that’s good I guess. I won’t know if it made any real difference until later. It will probably look like it always does.

Well. Not much to tell I guess. Just a little update on how my little Rebel is doing. 😀


Jen 😀


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