I think I’m going to start rinsing daily and see what happens. I was already rinsing every few days, but my gel still gets sticky. I noticed yesterday it was much less sticky and it was because I rinsed it out. Plus fresh curls are awesome. I’m not sure what all this wetness will do to my hair. If I’m going to do this, I may need to invest in a blow dryer. Just a cheapy with a diffuser. Not sure how I’ll get it when DH whines about my gel costing more than $5. Oh YES, he DID! Chile. I can’t spend SHIT on my hair!! In his mind it’s too much!! But THEN I go out the house lookin’ all tore the hell up, he’d be mad about that! I’m like damn, nigga life costs MONEY! (Oh he will snatch the N word RIGHT up out yo ass!! LoL!) One way or the other. You can’t have it both ways. He did say my hair looks really good with the Long Aid. Though I had to say it first. Still I count it as a win. But Boo, stuff is not free. Even if I made my own products- Which activator is easy to make, it’s basically just water, glycerin, and aloe. Simple. But to buy the ingredients costs more than the activator! So I’m like shut it! LoL! He claims he had no problem with it as long as I wasn’t spending more and more. I’m like ok, whatever, so the blow dryer might be pushing it. Er well. Guess I’ll just have to be wet. :p

Anyway this post is not about DH, it’s about me rinsing daily.

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