I think this is a winner!! But I DO have to seal. I just MUST! Because evaporation is a BIT*H!! LoL! But as you know oil and water equals a white mess in the hair- which is what I’m enjoying AVOIDING! So, I just put my oil on last night. When I got up I saw the white in my plastic cap and was sure my hair would be white too. But it was clear so I just wet it and applied my gel… And…. Bless God it was CLEAR!!!!! Yes!! My curls are popping like CRAZY! Great definition, shine, it’s GORGEOUS!! There WILL be pictures, but I can’t do them in my notepad which is where I draft my posts. Wait, can I? Nope. Just tried. Oh well. I’ll post them when I get on the master computer :p I have at least 15 pictures so.. If you like hair pics stay tuned.. If you don’t.. Things are about to get real sh*tty for you in a bit. LoL!! Just sayin’. :p


Jen 😀


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