2/6/12- Oh What a DIFFERENCE…

2/6/12- Oh What a DIFFERENCE…

A good wash makes! LoL! And it WAS the HH that was making my hair hard. Maybe it’s high in protein. Also, it’s NOT a 2 in 1- well 2 SULFATES in 1 maybe. :p But the shampoo and this 2 in 1 has the exact same ingredients. So. Yeaaaaah.. My hair felt INSTANTLY better after I washed with my Dove Daily Moisture. That Aussie hit it and Rebel was like “Oh, HELL yeah!!”. My hair felt normal again!!

But the shedding was back. Now, I can’t really say it was the Dove this time. It HAD been two weeks since I last detangled. And the shedding was no more than I’ve been having. I actually rinsed out and examined my hair ball, and found that most of the hair was shed (the bulb attached tells the tale.) But there were a few broken hairs. However, I don’t at this time think it’s anything to worry about. I’m actually worried more about the SHEDDING! As I’ve said my hair is thinning, and I don’t like the idea of my hair coming out at the roots!! So..

I’m thinking of buying castor oil and start doing scalp massages. I already massage my scalp, but I think the oil may help. I’m pretty sure it can’t hurt. 🙂 I’ve also been trying to take my vitamins more regularly. Also couldn’t hurt. I can’t take them daily because for some reason they make me tired. So every few days I’ll take one. I still think it’ll benefit my and my hair’s health.

So that’s it. HH is a disaster for my hair. Dove is better, but I believe there is something better than THAT out there. Unfortunately I have a 40oz bottle of Dove to finish. That sh*t is gonna last me a YEAR!! 😦 Oh well. Maybe I can slip another bottle in. 🙂


Jen 😀


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