It is almost wash day and I know Rebel will be EXCESSIVELY happy! I’m not sure what happened last week. If you’ll recall I use to be HAPPY for wash day to roll around. DH would go to work, and as soon as I lock the door, it was time to get down! I’d love every curl and coil down with some Aussie. Just pamper my hair!!

Now… Chile… I sometimes just can’t build up any energy- not even talking about EXCITEMENT!! Just ENERGY to wash and detangle!! And it’s not like my hair is an all day job. In a pinch I can do my hair from wash to style in 20 minutes. I mean with detangling and all. So, it’s not the time it takes.. I don’t know what’s going on.

Now, what’s funny is Rebel and I are getting like an old married couple. I have to watch a few YouTube videos of curlies talking about their hair and showing what they use and the love they put into their curls to get in the mood to take care of MY hair!!! Sad. I need hair porn to get in the mood to do Rebel. BUT I LOVE HER THOUGH!! LoL! Isn’t that what they always say?! :p

But this week, energy or not I gotta do it. Because remember I only detangle when I wash my hair so the amount of time between washes is how long it’s also been since I COMBED my hair! And I’m not ready to lock again! So.. Yeah, I need to handle that. LoL!

Well, that’s all on the hair front for today. One more day and I SHOULD be washing it, so all this DRAMA will be over! :p


Jen 😀


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