2/1/12- So far..

2/1/12- So far..

So good. I did another rinse and I’m not seeing any white stuff today. Flakes or gummy stuff- whatever you’d call it. I did my same method, rinsed really well, applied the gel to my soaking wet hair and the results are great! My curls are defined and juicy! (As this is curl activator, no “Jheri Curl juice” pun intended!!) Now my hair IS wet.. As HELL! But I don’t really mind. Though it does make it hard to feed my HIH addiction. Wet does NOT feel good on the hands! But it’s a totally worthy trade off. But now I will definitely have to start buying Long Aid by the truck load!! LoL! I am BLOWING through gel now! Why? Man I don’t know! I guess in just so happy to be able to use it CLEAR! No white film! YES! 😀

As for sealing.. I’m not sure how to do it, as I’m pretty sure that will cause a return of white hair- oil and water, you know. I’m not sure you HAVE to seal using activators. They are kinda MADE to keep your hair moist. Processed hair is very porous and broken down and it keeps that hair juicy. My low porosity healthy hair should have no problem staying moist with this stuff. When I wash my hair, I’m going to try just the gel and nothing else and see how that works. I’m hoping I’ve hit a home run. $6 for perfect curls? Can’t beat that with a stick!

Ta for now.


Jen 😀


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