So far so good. This is day 2 with just gel and it’s looking pretty good. Those flakes are still around, which doesn’t really surprise me, as I didn’t actually wash my hair, I just rinsed it out a little. So technically I haven’t washed it 11 days ago and the stuff was already in it. I will probably bite the bullet get up early and quick wash it tomorrow. I’m not sure how people- including ME in the past!- can go 2 and 3 weeks without a good wash. My head itches and my hair looks and feels SUPER dirty after 10-14 days now. When I was relaxed, I could go 2 MONTHS without a wash! (Shut up, don’t judge me. :p ) Now. Uh… No..

The white stuff looks like dried gel mixed with the oil and moisturizers I was using. I can’t wait to see what my gel does on clean, combed hair. Imagine, all this excitement over getting to try LESS product! Don’t tell my PJ Sisters. LoL!

More news as it becomes available.


Jen 😀


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