1/30/12- Pause.. Think…

1/30/12- Pause.. Think…

As naturals we are always trying to find that perfect regimen, the perfect products, the perfect technique, etc… We try SO many things that often what actually works gets lost in the shuffle. And usually we start getting semi passable results with the odd spectacular hair day which makes us feel we finally got it right, only for it to fail miserably the next week.

Example, I had a Jheri Curl back in the late 90’s (Shut up! I know I was late!) and I was using my Long Aid, sometimes I’d get sick of the excess wetness and switch to Carefree Gold. And my hair grew in leaps and bounds. I got my hair all chopped off TOO many times, and by next appointment it seems to double in length! I wasn’t sealing or using a leave in, or co washing. I was using whatever shampoo I was lovin’ and conditioner to match. I DID grease my scalp every so often, but as for my HAIR, just activator.

Now I’m natural, processed hair is SO much more damaged and broken down- but I’m doing all this extra s*it to my perfectly healthy hair. Now, it’s growing and I GUESS thriving, but I have to wonder.. Is all that extra crap really NECESSARY? When I use a leave in, moisturizer, oil, and gel my hair looks ok. It looks damn good some days. But it’s always white and, lately, by the end of the week it’s full of white flakes that look like dandruff, but is just piled up product! Which is NOT cute. At all!!

Anyway, yesterday I got pissed at my hair because all that white crap was in it. I had added only gel, but the stuff was already in there. I couldnt get up the energy to wash it, so I just said I was gonna pull it back and put a headband on. Well, that turned out to be an AWESOME puff! My last puff was so tiny picked OUT! This one was full and awesome! But that had little to do with the tale.

Today, I didn’t have time to wash it, but I did rinse it out pretty good, and I paused. I said what if I just put gel in. No Aussie.. No lotion.. No oil… No magic potion… Just gel. So to nearly soaking wet hair, I added my gel. My hair had weight, definition, and ZERO white stuff! I went a little too heavy on the gel so it stayed wet all day, but other than that it was a hit.

We’ll see how it goes. ๐Ÿ™‚


Jen ๐Ÿ˜€

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