Well it’s another Saturday WORKING! Oh well. Extra money’s always good, right? It’s the MAKING it that sucks! LoL!

Anyway, other than having to work today, most things are going pretty good. Rebel is behaving pretty well. Nice and curly. I think she’s recovering from the HH finally. Hopefully after a good washing tomorrow that mess will be gone!

I wish I had more free money and time to spend on Rebel. She’s really growing up, and my simple products aren’t cutting it anymore. I mean we manage to muddle through. But I think Rebel could be SPECTACULAR with the right products and technique. The problem is I don’t know what my hair likes aside from Long Aid. It worked great up until about 3 weeks ago. I think it’s because of the glycerin and low dews/humidity. My hair has been really.. REALLY hard. I mean my hair is naturally wiry, but it’s not usually this hard! And it feels dry. Not parched, but like it’s dry on the surface. Easier to feel than describe. LoL!!

But yeah, I have to have a hair budget. I said $25 a month is reasonable. But I have no idea what to buy. I don’t know if my hair like creamy products. I THINK it does. But it might tell me “Think again, Niggy!” LoL! Seems my hair would be as fickle as I am.


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