1/25/12- Hell NO Hydration!!

1/25/12- Hell NO Hydration!!

Rebel is JUST getting back to normal. That Hello Hydration turned out to NOT be the cheese. LoL! I gotta stop doing damn snap reviews, cause that sh*t was really bad!! The only plus was the decreased shedding. And that may have been a fluke. I know I won’t be finding out cause that crap will never hit THIS head again!

But in all fairness Rebel has been a bit of a pill lately. Today I only put my activator in and my hair feels better. Maybe I was trying too hard to moisturize. Actually, I put Aussie and activator in. I skipped the lotion. My hair is so fickle!!! Stuff will work today, and flop tomorrow. Long Aid is the only constant. It pretty much always works.

So AGAIN!! I need to use that lotion and any coconut oil I wanna use at night, and just use my gel in the day time. MAYBE then Rebel will be happy. Lately it’s been so bad in like “OH my God, just tell me what you want!!!!” I mean no one has said “Damn your sh*t f*cked up!” But I am not pleased!! I mean, I’m not pissed either. Well, not today anyway.

Enough complaining! Let’s talk about what I’m happy about!

GROWTH!! My hair has grown so much!! It shrinks up major, but it is so much longer than when I started! I looked at an old photo and current one and it almost looks like its doubled in length! I hope it keeps that pace! LoL! I’m not LOOKING for such progress, but it would be nice. I’d be at mid-back length in no time. :p

Well. That’s all I guess. πŸ™‚


Jen πŸ˜€

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