1/24/12- More Hair Talk

1/24/12- More Hair Talk

Ok. I’mma break this down again. The Satan- I mean André Walker hair typing system.

Type 1- Straight. No or barely any bends.

Type 2- Varying degrees of waviness. Goes all the way to 2c.

Type- 3 Curly. Now this is where I need to start focusing, as I’m a curly and this is where my “type lies. (The 3/4 range. )

Now type 3 is broken down into 3 types. A-C. These letters have NOTHING TO DO WITH TEXTURE!!!! For some reason, people see 3 anything as having to be silky loose curls- or REALLY big curls if they’re not silky. But these numbers are just curl SIZES.

And here they are. PAY attention!

3a- Curls the size of a broomstick (Very big, but well defined.)

3b- Curls the size of a marker. Probably magic marker to Sharpie.

3c- Curls are the size of a pencil or drinking straw. A regular drinking straw. Now, this type is tricky as it’s RIGHT before the type 4s. You will have as many people claiming to have this hair type as people saying they don’t. I see a lot of people saying they are 3c, but are 4a. BUT I’ve seem people argue people DOWN that they have 4a or even B hair because it just “looks like they can’t have 3 anything.” That’s all I can see it as, because some of these people have big curls that are clearly 3c, but an entire BOARD will argue them down that they don’t. It’s like 3c apparently to them is something to BRAG about, since in their mind YOU are just trying to not be a 4. And NO, it wasn’t me. I know my type and don’t care who says otherwise. Why? Cause it ain’t that MAJOR!!

Moving ON!

Type 4. This is the type of hair (stereotypically) associated with the African race. Ignorantly assumed to be non- biracial hair. But this hair can be ANY texture. It’s just curl size!! Type 4 comes in 3 forms, a-c, but unlike the other types it isn’t about curl size, but hair shape. Which confuses me and proves Mr. Walker has issues.

4a- Has curls the size of a knitting needle or smaller. Or a crochet needle. It is the only one of the three that is actually all over curly. This hair can be from silky to wiry (As I assume any type can.)

4b- has some curls, but it’s mostly just fluffy and cottony soft.

4c- Some say this type doesn’t really exist, it’s just an expansion of
4b. They are essentially the same, except this type has little to no curl, but may be small waves.

Now, I am a fan of LOIS. In which there is no hierarchy. Just hair shapes. It also focuses on texture and porosity. Unlike Mr. Walker’s limited system, which 1 is best and 4 is worst, LOIS just deals with the shape of the hair. I’m an O. A 3b is an O. A 3C is an O. “O” is curly. No matter the size. No matter the race. No one’s hair is superior. (Except in the fact that it’s YOURS!) I like this system.

But I don’t think any of it is necessary. Some say it helps to recommend products and techniques, but i think you can do that without confusing the hell outta noobs and vets a like. Or without all the condescension of the 1-4 system. We know what hair looks and feels like. Most of us have touched white, black, and “biracial” (Black mixed I mean.) hair. We know what hair feels like. It don’t take all that.

Over simplifying? Well maybe I am. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks the system is broken. Maybe I’m running all the f*ck out!! Good thing this is my blog, huh? :p


Jen 😀


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