1/19/12- Randomness. (Sorry in advance. :p )

1/19/12- Randomness. (Sorry in advance. :p )

I know why my hair is ass backwards.. Cause I’m ass backwards!! LoL! You know how some people have a problem backing into a parking spot? I back in like a champ. Rarely do I have to reposition. One sweep, all this ass in in there! (I drive a minivan, by the way.. Go ‘Yotas! LoL!)

But now let’s talk about PULLING in. Yeah… Ask me how good I pull into a park… It takes me like FOUR friggin’ gos to get in there HALF straight!! It’s the damnedest thing! I USE to be a normal person. Well as far as parking anyway. But then I started practicing backing in, but I forgot how to pull in!! LoL! SMH!

So Rebel has it honest. :p

Today’s hair is tricky. There is this weird “stuff in my hair. It looks like dandruff, but I’m pretty sure it’s not. I think it’s product. I really gotta start doing my hair before I leave home. It seems to go away once I leave my hair alone, so maybe it’s solidified coconut oil. Or… Sh*t, I don’t know.. Just Rebel being REBEL!! You know how she do. It’s times like this I wish I could wash my hair more frequently, but even with rinsing- honest to God RINSING with just plain water- my hair gets dry! It’s sad really.

And speaking of dryness, more weirdness.. Low porosity hair is said to be slow to get wet, but take forever to dry once it gets wet. Well, when I was little that was true. My hair would take an eternity to dry. Even when I was relaxed it took a long time to dry.

But now… My hair gets dry like THAT! But truth is, it seems to never really soak up water! Like it’s not low porosity.. It’s NO porosity! Like moisture never really gets into my hair. Or it takes a long time to get in. By that time the water has evaporated. Leaving poor Rebel hard, crispy and dry.

And I found another one of those hairs that look exploded. I GUESS this is what the are calling mid strand splits. I GUESS!! It’s like the strand has holes in it. But I haven’t found lots of them. So far only 2, so. Not sure what is causing such a weird thing to happen. Scary though! LoL!

More weirdness.. My curl size changes with the dews apparently. Lately they’ve been low, and I’ve been pretty much a solid “4a”. When they’re higher, the curls are mixed 3c/4a. But always “O” following LOIS. LoL!

Ok. Randomness over. Cause otherwise I’ll go on and on FOREVER!


Jen šŸ˜€


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