1/18/12- Rebel Needs it!!!

1/18/12- Rebel Needs it!!!

Long Aid, that is. Or water based moisturizer. :p I tested this one day last week- well, to be fair, last week was a rough hair week. I was really doing a terrible job of taking care of it. So that was some of it, but I have tried it before. Like other naturals can just put some water, a lil moisturizer, and seal and their hair is bouncy, and soft, and (if their hair is capable of it) curls are popping. So simple.

Chile…. I tried to do this.. And I’m sure there was still some activator in my hair, as it was slippery when I wet my hair.. I wet it.. Put in moisturizer… Sealed REALLY well. My curls were well defined. But as the day went on.. My hair got harder and harder.. AND HARDER STILL!!! Until I had a Brillo pad deal going on. And that’s when I realized.. No ma’am. Rebel is not hearing S*IT!!! Without activator.

Now, I can hear all the “enlightened” naturals aka Natural Nazis saying “Well that’s your texture. Embrace it! Not everybody had soft hair.” KCUF (It’s backwards.. You’ll get it.) … DAT! I help Himay10nance (I know I’m spelling her sh*t wrong. I’m sorry, girl. ) to say, if you love it so much, YOU go out with your hair dry, hard and sticking up “as it is”. People go entirely too damn far with sh*t. There was actually someone saying if you are defining your curls you’re not really loving your natural hair. You’re still not accepting your texture. I’m like.. Ok. If you don’t have curly hair, and are DESPERATELY trying to make your hair curly, you may need to realize all natural hair isn’t curly. And that’s ok.

They went ON to say, if you’re doing braid-outs to make your hair appear curly.. You’re not accepting your natural texture. Curl activator was wrong. I’m like.. Well DAMN what the hell? So you gotta just use oil ,water and go to be natural?! That sucks. No wonder it took so long for the natural movement to pick up steam! You got these militant b*tches representing it! LoL!

Now most everyone in the forum I was in was like “Girl BYE!” But still. Why the HELL would I let my hair be hard and scraggly looking when I can have soft curls? No process, just some damn water and glycerin gel!! People will never cease to amuse me.

Ok. My rant is over. :p


Jen 😀


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