I had a post in mind and now for the life of me I can’t remember what it was to be about! LoL! My memory is just terrible! I’m sure it was something about something I read on Curly Nikki. Oh well. Guess I’ll just ramble til I make a point. :p

Anyway, with my gum recovering slowly, but surely I have to start focusing on my 2012 goals!! Far as my hair, I’ve been off to a rocky start. I haven’t been covering it as much as I should, I’m slipping on nighttime moisturizing, it’s just a big mess. Today, I just wet my hair, put moisturizer in and sealed with coconut oil. Normally I’ll add LA, but today I was just not feeling it. Besides I’m pretty sure there’s still some in there anyway. It feels pretty good. Not quite as “soft” as with the LA, but it’s ok. Honestly I just didn’t feel like using it today. So whatever I get by day’s end is just what I get. Hell I’m at work in a hairnet most of the day. Who.. The F*CK.. Cares..

I know I’m going to regret using all that coconut oil though. If it hasn’t absorbed my hair will likely be hard later on, as it is supposed to be in the 30’s by the time I get off work. But who’s gonna be touching my hair?!! Like I said- who… F*ckin’.. CARES?!! You know how many jacked up wigs and BUSTED ass permed up do’s I see in the run of a day? Don’t think they are in any position to criticize. LoL! But of course, the ones who can’t talk, always do. :p

Well, I can’t find my thoughts and now I’m tired of rambling, so girl, BYE! :p


Jen 😀


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