1/3/12- Happy New Year!!!

1/3/12- Happy New Year!!!

And the first bad hair day of the year!! And bad TOOTH day!! I swear I’d pull the bastard my SELF if it was loose enough!! But I’m setting my dentist appointment tomorrow. So… Hopefully in a week to a month this will be over. The tooth part, that is. The hair? Well, just like we have bad moods, so do our hair. Just gotta live with it. And it’s not THAT bad. It’s just crispy feeling. I’d imagine that’s due to the coconut oil in this cold weather. It’ll get soft, then hard. LoL! Make up ya mind, right?

Next… Until I get a mirror. I can’t detangle in the shower!! Cannot!! WILL NOT!! OH my GOD! I did this Monday.. It took so LONG!!! And I feel like I tore half my damn hair out. So until I get a shower mirror, I’ll be sink washing my hair, and detangling before the shower. Just use the shower to rinse the conditioner out, cause that was a damn disaster! LoL!

Well, ok… Bye bye. :p


Jen 😀


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