12/29/11- DH’s Pick

12/29/11- DH’s Pick

Now, as y’all know, DH is obsessed with a picked out fro. Why? Well as a youth his own hair was silky and curly and would get frizzy, but would stand up. So no fro for lil man. :p Well he sees MY hair and is like… “Wow.. I bet yours will stand up!!” Or some thing along those lines.

ANYWAY! He’s been after me to buy one of those hard ass metal picks. You know the ones that have that lil fist on the top. Now.. I’m like there is no way in HELL I’m using a cold hard metal pick on my lil Rebel!! Sounds like torture! But, since it is hair shopping, I stayed on the look out for one anyway.

And I found one. At the dollar store of all places. Only $1.25! So I bought it, still with no real intention of using it. I mean, the forks aren’t even ROUNDED! So, for about 2 days, it just rode in my purse. Then I figured I’d better at least try it out. Incase he asks how I like it.

Y’all. I have never been so WRONG! I HEART this pick!! I kinda wish it was longer, but it really lifts my roots. ALL my roots! It just slides right up in there without really disturbing my curls. I guess it’s the tapered prongs. And seems my hair isn’t tearing as much as with the plastic pick. This pick is great! Good job DH! 🙂

Now, those sharp prongs mixed with my forever itchy scalp is a sure recipe for a scalp infection- cause I HAVE been scratching my head with it. (Yep.. TRAGIC! I need to hang my itchy head in shame. :p) But if I can FIGHT the urge to dig in, I should be fine. 🙂

As for day 7 Rebel? She’s still doing alright. But there was MASSIVE shedding today. Why? I went to sleep uncovered AGAIN! Nope. No satin pillowcase. It’s like I secretely WANT to be bald! SMH. But other than that and major itchies, she’s fine. Curls as poppin’ as usual since I started smoothing. Which I find I’m using a modified Tightly Curly method. Neat. I was at her website and I’m “thinking” of buying her book. THINKING of it. I really don’t “need” it, but seems like it’d be a good read. 🙂 Seems like we have slightly similar hair- though mine is a “before” shot. LoL!

Well, that’s all in Rebel speak today. 🙂


Jen 😀


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