12/28/11- Wow..

12/28/11- Wow..

It’s that time again. For what? You may ask. Why, for Rebel to look a hot mess of course! Ok to be fair she doesn’t really look THAT bad. She’s just noticeably dirty- to ME! When I got up, I took my bonnet off and my plastic cap. Normally I find this green sh*t which I for some reason thought was LETTUCE! But of course it WASN’T. It was the yellow lotion just dried out and for some reason gets dark when it dries out. Go figure. ANYWAY!! There was this… Like clear looking.. Gritty looking crap all in it. AND IN MY HAIR! So I’m like PANICKING! Like “What the fu*k is this sh*t in my hair?!!!” I know. Chill out right? SMH… Well the stuff wasn’t gritty to the touch, matter of fact I thin I was able to actually rub it in. I think it was solidified coconut oil and gel. Just got gritty. Suuucks… :p Anyway, I just cut back on my products today. Let it “dry out” a little. Which you know I didn’t leave my lil Rebel hangin’ like that. I wet and sealed her up, but I skipped the Aussie and AP lotion. Just water, some coconut oil and LA. That’s it. Seems to have worked out pretty well. I might be crying later after seeing I’ve been walking around with grit visibly in my head. :p But for now. This is day 6 hair. Could be worse. 🙂


Jen 😀


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