Thursday 12/8/11- Now with More Product!!

Thursday 12/8/11- Now with More Product!!

Yep, my baby is moving up to solids now!! I know y’all get tired of my sayings. LoL! What I mean is she needs a little more to look good now. In the beginning I just wet it and slapped some LA in and called it a day. Now, if I did that… Baby… My head would be a hot ass mess! And I’m not just guessing! I tried several times! First, now my leave in is a MUST. At first just a dime sized amount did the job. Now I have to use 2 pumps! Of course I squeeze some out, but that’s a HUGE difference! And I had to REALLY get the oil and gel in to get it to not just be a big lopsided mess.

NOW, I’m using my Aussie DAILY! A dime under, one over. AND it loves the AP lotion now- yes I repurchased! It’s a good product. So that’s going on daily, and I’m resealing daily. I actually just like smoothing the coconut oil in my hair. So, that’s my little secret indulgence. :p Then the gel. I have to use it in two steps. A little before the shower to attract moisture to the glycerin. I come out curls poppin’ but I still have to add the rest of my gel before finger styling.

This is WAY more than I use to have to. But it still takes just maybe 10 minutes adding all the steps together, so I still count myself lucky. But the problem with more products, is I’m sticky by day 3!! I mean, REALLY sticky! But I don’t have time to wash mid week- nor can my hair handle being washed so often. Not even cowashed! So I’m just dealing with the stickiness. For the great look, I can deal with a little stickiness. 🙂


Jen 😀


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