Monday 12/12/11

Monday 12/12/11

Well that was FAST! It’s already Monday and time to get back at it!! Oh well. It’s “good” to be employed. Well, it’s good to have income. 🙂

Anyway. DH had to be in early today, so I have a few free HOURS to blog and bs. :p So I guess it’s the perfect time to ramble on and on about my hair and other me related nonsense. 🙂

Ok. What’s going on with Rebel? She got good and clean and VERY well detangled yesterday. I discovered I’d been slippin’ in my pimpin’ when it comes to detangling, as I found several MATTED areas in my head. YES! MATTED!! I mean they weren’t matted beyond repair, but still. MATTES! Is that even a word? Mattes? Matts? Whatever. In any case my hair was really, REALLY tangled. :p So I made sure to really get in there this time. And she was all soft and happy when I was done. My day 1 hair was pretty good, but actually with my new routine my day 7 hair was better than the day 1. I’m not sure why, but lately my hair is back to permie behavior. It has to get “right”. My day 1 hair is passable, then I sleep on it and it goes anywhere from “meh” to “sh*t”. But usually around day 3 or 4 it’s back. But it’s also almost time to wash it again because it’s usually pretty sticky by day 5. But this day 2 hair is pretty good. Lots of curls all over. Not bad. Especially since I fell asleep in just my bonnet and then just quickly spritzed and covered with my plastic cap for bed. My awesome results have been from taking good care to moisturize and seal often. Especially the first 2 or 3 days. So may have set myself up for a small to EPIC fail. But I hope not.

And DH finally called my hair “curly” without me saying it first. He was talking about his cousin’s father’s hair. He called it curly and said it was like MINE. I was floored. Not because my hair isn’t curly, but because HE has never said it was. And no he’s not my go to expert on curly hair nor is he the “marker for my perfect curl”. But I will say he’s a “curl snob”. Not sure if all his family is, but HE is. I actually hate that. He’s old school and you know how some old school folks see things. But apparently I’m changing his limited view on “good” hair. Expanding his perception. And that’s always good. 🙂 Maybe one day he’ll see even more beauty in me.

But I won’t hold my breath. 🙂


Jen 😀


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