12/21/11- New Year, New Me?

12/21/11- New Year, New Me?

Wow. I’ve been away for a MINUTE! LoL! Luckily my life is pretty boring anyway, so y’all ain’t miss much. :p

Rebel is being Rebel. LoL! She’s actually been looking pretty nice since I started smoothing product into her instead of just basically shovin’ it in her. Hmmm… That sounded wrong. :p But that’s kinda what I was doing.

I was haphazardly putting my GREAT products into my hair instead of actually taking time to do it right. So, I won’t go into details again. But just know the method is still working well. Ok. Growth? I’m not sure if I’m getting any additional growth. I mean obviously it has grown out a bit, but I don’t know if I’m retaining length or what ever. Or even LOSING length. I really don’t know. I’m in a no measuring challenge until Jan. 1, which I’ll be taking until March. I think I may do my measuring seasonally. So I’ll be measuring March 21st. I haven’t been doing any protective styles. My hair is out 100% of the time. I cover at night 90% of the time. I comb once a week, but I have to wonder if all that smoothing is damaging my hair, or am I just getting shed hair out. And I am SO not detangling right. I’m detangling FAST and most of the time thoroughly. But not CAREFULLY. And I know that’s damaging my hair. So I have to do MUCH better.

Health wise. I DEFINITELY need to do better! I need to lose about 50lbs. But I don’t do diets anymore. Nor do I dote on weight loss. But I will try to eat less and make SOME healthier choices. Start taking my vitamins again. Well, REMEMBER to take them.

So, I have a pretty long list of things to bring my new year off right. I hope I can make it all happen. 🙂


Jen 😀


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