I’ll never understand naturals who say your hair is like theirs, but say it in a negative light. Weird. Anyway. There will always be things I don’t get.

Like why is 3c the most coveted hair type. I won’t lie. Most everyone would choose a loose texture if they had a choice- not EVERY “4” would, but most. Hell, much as I love my lil fro, I would LOVE to have a looser, bigger curl. Why? Longer, lighter, straighter, better mentality? Nope. Just I would LOVE to have hair that I can just drag a brush through, pull some conditioner and a lil gel through and it just looks great. Now, I can’t legally complain. Because that is all I do and SOMETIMES Rebel behaves. I don’t know. It just seems easier to manage a looser curl pattern. But it’s also a “grass is greener” situation. I’m sure the 3b’s have issues just like the 4c’s just like the 2b’s. We all have our hair issues.

But what my “issue” is, is why you can’t be a 3 without somebody giving you the side eye and saying “you’re a 4a, b*tch don’t even front!” when I’m pretty sure THEY don’t even know what a 3c looks like. For some reason, they are taking the high end of the spectrum as absolute, when each hair type has a low to high end.

3c has curls from the size of a regular drinking straw to the size of a regular Sharpie marker. I see ladies with drinking straw sized curls… Say they are 3c. And get the side eye!! Get people telling them they have a “complex” and just want to fit into type 3 instead of being a damn 4. But it seems to me that the complex belongs to the accuser. It’s pretty bad.

Personally I have 3c to 4a hair by the Walker chart. But I don’t even like that system. It creates a hierarchy and competition where there shouldn’t even be one! LOIS is a better system. It’s just based on hair shape, and focuses on texture and all that good crap. Still some one will turn that into a better/worse situation as well.

So from now on, my type is J. I have curls that are EXCLUSIVE to Jennifer. I have J curls. :p Too unique to put in a box! Just like me. 🙂

11:11 UNIQUENESS!! Catch it!!

Jen 😀


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