Wednesday 12/7/11- Swing and a Miss!

Wednesday 12/7/11- Swing and a Miss!

For every complement I get, there is also some hurtful remark. Well not always, but sometimes. Yesterday after work, a friend of mine was complementing my hair. Well, in our so called enlightenment, we don’t apposed ta take dis as a complement, but I know she meant it as one. She said I still had my “baby hair” and that it looked like her 2 year old’s hair. At first she though I had a “kit” or s texturizer I think she meant, and after telling her I didn’t, that’s when she started gushing over it. So we talked hair for about a good 5 or 10 minutes, then parted ways. Well I made the mistake of telling DH about it. But of course I don’t see my hair as baby hair. Rebel is FULLY grown folks hair! LoL! But I let him feel around the different textures. He said it was soft. He is SLOWLY warming up to my hair, mainly because it’s growing out more now. So the insults have stopped. However if I buy a product, he gets mad. And all my HG products are under $6!! SERIOUSLY?!! He has no IDEA how lucky he is!! I am a natural on a budget! A TIGHT budget! But you wanna trip over- you know what, that ain’t even the point. The POINT is he’s not insulting me anymore.

At least about the hair. Next thing.. Now I’m getting FAT! Now what man would be STUPID enough to tell his woman this? Apparently MINE!

How did this come up, you may ask. Was I fishing for complements? No. I was looking at my pinky fingers because one of them HURTS like the dickens and I’m not sure why. But I made the mistake of saying “Damn I got some small ass pinkies!” Them thangs BONY!

He goes “Your whole hand small.” ok. So far no harm. No foul. But as you all know, DH needs to stop talking at least 1 sentence earlier than he does. But, of course he keeps talking. “That’s why I always said YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SO BIG”. Yeah. One sentence earlier. 🙂 It was SO dumb, I was almost not even insulted. I was more like “No hell he didn’t.”

Now, I’m the first to admit, I could lose a few. But I ALSO know that I’ve seen worse. And I STILL get hit on EVERYDAY! So it must not be too bad, BUT I was just telling my friend I need to shape up. But the issue is, was that really called for? I’d get if I was getting the “big head” and you needed to dish out some truth. But the convo has nothing to do with looks, hair, OR weight. And you just come all up out the damn blue with how big my ass is! Lovely. Just a natural talent for saying the wrong sh*t.

Well at least he had the common sense to change the subject before he REALLY screwed up, eh.

I don’t know. I prolly should be watching my weight more what with all the weight related diseases that run in my family. And if it was for my health that he said it, I’d prolly still be mad but at least it was out of concern. But it was just for “looks”. And I don’t wanna hear “Well he has a right to his opinion and every one has likes and dislikes.” F*CK that. Because first off, he’s not as open to criticism as he is to give it. Second, I was FATTER when we met. Ya ass had 13 years to get rid of my fat ass if it was such a damn deal breaker. I understand (no I don’t) if I was 100lbs when we met, now I’m 200. But I was 245 when we met, now I’m 200! So. Yeah. That’s why I don’t wanna hear it. Here’s the straight up truth. If your mate repulses you that much, don’t sit there an bad mouth them about how “not worthy” they are. FIND SOME ONE ELSE!!!! It’s best for BOTH OF YOU!

Ok. Rant over I guess. 😀

11:11 If you don’t like it, don’t LOOK! :p

Jen 😀


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