Saturday 12/3/11- OK


Saturday 12/3/11- Ok. 

  Now, Rebel still looks pretty good… From a DISTANCE! LoL! My curls are tight and popping, my frizz looks full and soft AND very shiny!! 

But up CLOSE.. Different story! 

Y’all.. This hair is sticky, and full of flakes of what I assume is dandruff or DIRT! No, it’s not my regimen, not my products per se. It is SOMEWHAT my products. Of course I’ve been packing in the moisture and oils this week- and I will NEXT week also.. And activator gets sticky after a few days.

 But it’s WASH DAY! That’s why my hair is so dirty! LoL! It has to get there eventually! :p

Anyway, on a more “serious” note. Everyone is setting “dream length” goals for their hair, and at first I was like, I just want it HEALTHY! But what’s the harm in dreaming? So. I think my best length is mid back in its curly state. Why is that perfect for me? Am I obsessed with long hair? Do I have a complex? Yes I do.

 Hair isn’t “nice” unless it’s friggin’… HUGE!!! Damn all that longer, straighter, better crap! I love… I mean I HEART gigantic hair!! I want my hair so big it gives off SHADE to other people. Once it gets that long, it’s mega fro time! That’s right. Jen do it big! :p

Alright, I’m done rambling on this glorious Saturday afternoon. 🙂

Jen 😀

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