Friday 12/2/11- Day 7 Hair

Friday 12/2/11- Day 7 Hair

Is pretty darned good. Better than sometimes day THREE hair! Rebel has had her moments. The only thing with the AP lotion is the SMELL! It smells AWESOME right off the bat, but then the smell of what I assume is the castor oil gets so “old greasy” smelling. I remember the smell from B&B’s pink lotion, which was very high in castor oil. That was my only issue with it. As I recall , I actually liked that lotion. Much better than Luster’s Pink Lotion. As a matter of fact, I was looking it when I found the AP brand. Now all I have to do is stock up. I got it from Walmart and they are infamous for selling great stuff this month.. Then NEVER AGAIN!! So when I find it, I’m buying the store. LoL!

I think this regimen is going to be a winner for winter! Now I just gotta fight DH to buy 400 bottles of that miracle lotion. :p

So, here’s my winter (Probably year round) regimen.

Wash weekly with Dove Daily Moisture Shampoo. Cowashing is just not for this curly. 😦

Condition/Deep Condition/Detangle weekly with Aussie Moist. (Another miracle product!)

Leave in- Aussie moist

African Pride Olive Miracle Moisturizing Lotion

Seal- coconut oil

Daily- dampen hair, apply a dime size of Aussie, and AP as needed. Reseal if necessary.

Style- Long Aid

Nightly- baggy with or with out extra product. Depends how tired I am. :p

I keeps it REAL simple. :p


Jen 😀


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