Wednesday 11/30/11- A “New” Method

Wednesday 11/30/11- A “New” Method

I say “new” because it’s actually probably something everyone else has figured out DECADES ago. But just really occurred to ME.

SMOOTHING on products! It works SO much better than my old way of just willy nilly putting my stuff on causing all sorts of tangles and weird clumps of curls and unnatural frizz. I actually JUST figured this out this week! I guess at first it didn’t really matter, but now my hair is settled and (I guess) has grown a little all that back and forward, round and round just doesn’t cut it anymore!

So, what I now do- actually I’ve changed my method quite a bit so I’m not just screwing my hair up. I still baggy at night, but I wet my hair a little and apply the AP lotion. Sometimes I seal on top of that before I cover. When I wake up, I uncover, smooth in all the moisture and product that is on top of the hair. Then I actually wet it a little more. I flip my head upside down, get the underside, the flip it back and get the top. Then I repeat the process with a little Aussie when my hair is feeling a bit dry. Then I spritz. Then I smooth everything in. Recover with the plastic cap and do my daily routine.

Right before I hop in the shower, I apply a LITTLE Long Aid. I do this, so the glycerin in it can suck up some moisture from the shower. Once I get out and dressed, I smooth any clumps of gel and water in, and apply my final amount of LA in, still in a smoothing motion- under and over then the sides, and a little extra on my “special” patch. Then arrange.

What I’ve noticed is more curl definition- especially in the front and very back (my curliest areas). And, other than looking and feeling a LITTLE dry today, I’ve had a good hair week so far. And the dryness came from me having to remove my plastic cap this morning. I either have some sort of epilepsy or diabetes that has gone undiagnosed, but I get really dizzy and disoriented. Then I get the shakes and really weak and HOT and feel like I’m going to pass out. I’ve had what ever it is since I was a teen. I was really thin then. I’m heavy now. Weight has no effect on it. Nor does drinking or smoking. The only “cure” is suffer until it passes, drink some REALLY sweet coffee, or chew a piece of Doublemint gum. Nothing else works. Today I just turned on my fan stripped and got cool and toughed it out. But I had to take off that hot ass cap. So my hair was dry this morning. Also it’s pretty cold today, so the humidity is probably low, so there’s no extra moisture floating around. I’m pretty sure it will be better tomorrow.

Well, I suppose that’s it. I will “see” y’all tomorrow. :p


Jen 😀


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