Wednesday 11/23/11- Hump Day

Wednesday 11/23/11- Hump Day

But a damn good one! It’s the LAST day of work! We’re off Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! I know it’s gonna fly by, but hey. I love time off. 🙂 good to be away from HERE! LoL!

Anyway, this has been a bad hair WEEK! I’m not sure if Rebel is growing, so I have to actually take more time with her or if she’s just being a b*tch this week. LoL! I have days like that too!! :p Whatever it is, I’ll be glad when I figure it out! Today, it looks better. I hit it up with my AP Moisturizing Lotion last night and put my plastic cap on as I usually do. It came out smelling fruity and looking pretty good. It’s not great, but at least I can hold my head up. But, as life usually is for me, there’s another problem. I’m losing my hair in the front. 😦

I noticed this when I was locked and now that I’m loose I notice it MORE because I can see how thin my hair is in the front compared to the back and sides. It’s not a big area nor is it REALLY noticeable to the general public. But I see it. And that sucks more. And it totally screws up the look of my fro!

I looked at the hair closely today, and it looks really “fine”. Like my roots are finer than the rest of my hair. Like “dusty” looking. Like people’s hair look when illness or medication take their hair out. I may just be panicking for nothing. But hey, what woman YOU know (or MAN for that matter!) would be happy about a bald spot!!! I want to be so enlightened it doesn’t matter. I’ve accepted my hair, my size, my LOOKS. I’m sorry I’m not ready to accept baldness. LoL!

So now, I have to set a challenge to regrow this dang hair back! I hear castor oil works well. So that’s my next hair purchase. I already drink plenty of water, and I have to get better about taking my vitamins. I don’t know what else I can do. PRAY!! Doing that too.

I think some of the problem is stress and worrying. I have been going through a lot of issues lately and I’m sure that has been affecting me negatively. Like that cold that’s JUST getting better after a MONTH! The constant aches and pains. I can’t say I’m doing good these days. But I can say I’m doing better.

So hopefully this too shall pass. I’ve heard it tends to. 🙂

11:11 Keep your head up!

Jen 😀


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