Tuesday 11/22/11- Talk about a Spoiled BRAT!

Tuesday 11/22/11- Talk about a Spoiled BRAT!

I’m talking about Miss Rebel! LoL! I think we all have a spoiled brat when it comes to our natural hair. But this is about MY lil brat.

Yesterday…. Well let’s go back to wash day. Remember I said my baby was trying to “walk” Saturday. Well, apparently she was still trying to walk YESTERDAY too. But I didn’t want her to hang down because at work I wear a puff, and she’s not big enough to hang and just be pushed back with the headband, nor is she long enough to put in a ponytail. So, since these are the only styles I’d even worry with at work she don’t need to be trying to hang.

But she DID. And it looked a hot damn MESS!!! My damn hair was up and down! I mean one side was up, with pieces down, the other side was the opposite. The top was FLAT! I can only IMAGINE what the back was doin’. I was wondering what this dude I ran into was staring at!! I mean, it was a hot… Mess. After a whole day of fiddling and fussing I got it to look “ok”. But it was still not “right”. In fact, it still looks a little off today. I mean it looks 100 times better than it did yesterday. So I’m not complaining!! But I just don’t know what’s wrong with my baby!

It can’t be protein overdose, as I don’t use extra protein. I know in sensitive, so I try to stay away from it. And it’s not moisture overdose because it doesn’t feel “mushy”. It feels “balanced”, but “off”. I’m not using any new products. I haven’t added anything to my routine. The only thing that I did different was using that Vaseline last week. Maybe my hair had a moisture deficit. Then now I’m scared of my coconut oil as someone said it could absorb into your hair and keep moisture out AND that it’s a protein. Now that part I can find out by looking at the nutritional facts on the jar. But I can just see my hair soaking up all that oil and getting greasy DRY! LoL! The perfect worrying mother. Nothing’s good enough for my little Rebel. :p That’s probably why she so damn spoiled. :p

I think a lot of the failure is my fault. I short cut applying my products this last wash day, so maybe that’s why she’s misbehaving. Next time I’ll CAREFULLY shingle product in and see how that does. See? SPOILED!! Got me doin’ all this excess sh*t. :p

Labor of love I guess 🙂


Jen 😀


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