Seem’s My Baby Trying to Walk!

  Or rather she’s practicing HANGING.. LoL! I took my hair down from my plastic cap and bonnet today. Actually I conditioned all day yesterday and rinsed it out like 11:00 or so last night. Then I plopped, sealed, and put it up in the plastic cap soaking wet- well, not soaking wet, it was damp. Well, I just took the cap off so I could get some gel up in there, as you all know my gel is also a water based moisturizer. Maybe I should start calling it my “moisturizing gel”.. Or maybe just call it friggin’  Long Aid- Whatever! If I start using another gel, I’ll let yall know. But I have so say more than just “gel” because people think of styling gel. And I often say stuff like “I use it for moisture.” And there will be some smart ass going “Nah uh, gel has alcohol. And it dries your hair out not moisturize it. Blah, Blah.. I’m a hair expert..”  OK, that was unnecessarily snotty.. But you know it’s true..


ANYWAY, I applied my gel today about an hour ago. (Lazy.. Yes.) And after all the smoothing and shaking, my hair acted like it wanted to hang down. Now it’s not that long, and i”m sure it will shrink up pretty soon, but it did try to hang down and even made a little bang in the front, which is STILL hanging.. 🙂 Not that it matters. I have work this week for at least 3 days. After that it will be the holiday break for like FOUR days. (Yes!) But I’d never try to do a hanging style at this point. I know that would just end in disaster and disappointment. (Ok, being totally dramatic.) So I’m still styling it up, but just for tonight I think I’ll let my little Rebel try her “legs” out and let her “walk” a little. 🙂 Who knows?! Maybe this is the beginning of  great growth. 😀


  Nothing really stand out-ish to post about.. Just letting yall know about this little fro trying to act up. 🙂




Jen 😀

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