Wednesday 11/16/11

Wednesday 11/16/11

The effects of the Vaseline still linger even after a good shampoo!! My hair feels better, but it still feels a bit “off”. Like harder than usual. Not as hard as it was before but it’s going to take at least one more shampooing to completely strip the Vaseline out.

Now, don’t get it twisted. The Vaseline didn’t DAMAGE my hair. It just made it stiff. And it’s sealing properties are TOO good for my liking. I mean products just sit on top of it, and my sole styler is also a moisturizer. With my hair sealed up so tight, I couldn’t refresh my curls at ALL! Now it was shiny. Glossy even. Which leaves me to believe if I was into protective styles and twist outs it would be perfect for that. I believe it would give a flexible hold and great shine and of course great sealing. So with all that it’s probably a great product for that. But for wash n go styles… I think I’ll pass.

So does that mean I’m now “anti petrolatum”? Not at all! I am still looking forward to revisiting Dax very soon. And let’s not forget that B&B Super Gro!! I use to love both of those products. They both smell like coconut- my favorite fragrance. πŸ™‚ And they are both pretty light. So I doubt I’ll have to worry about it being a repeat of the Vaseline experiment. I saw Blue Magic’s coconut oil grease and almost bought it, but in the end I left it where it was. I want Dax or B&B. And is it B&B or just BB? It’s “Bronner Brothers” so I guess just BB. But we always said B&B, so. Yeah. Rambling thought. Sorry bout that. :p

ANYWAY, no I’m not against petroleum products. My mom used everything from Royal Crown to CRISCO on my hair and it was long and thick and gorgeous! I would LOVE to have that hair again! And, though age has thinned it a little in some spots, it is my goal to have it again and appreciate it. I appreciate what I have NOW, but I wanna build on that. πŸ™‚

For that matter what are my hair goals anyway? Well, I’m not putting any pressure on myself for something I can’t control- like a growth challenge. How the hell you gonna MAKE your hair grow this long by this time? Craziness! But in it’s own time I’d like it to grow long- or in my case BIG or OUT! LoL! I mean really long/big. Like hip length. I was headed there with my locs, but I want it with my LOOSE hair. Is it possible? Well for some people it’s a piece of cake, others have to be really protective to make it happen. Me? I don’t know yet. What ever I get I’ll (try to) be content with it and accept it as mine. πŸ™‚ But in my fantasies it will be HUGE! Hewy on the Boondocks huge! I mean a BIG ass fro! But that’s the fantasy. πŸ™‚ All I really want is healthy curls. If they get to enormous proportions that’s gravy.

Also, this isn’t completely hair related, I’ve been using positive thinking a lot lately. I guess it is hair related too. I’ve had too much negativity in my life and mind lately and it’s taken it’s toll on me. I’ve been sick with a cold that should have only lasted a week for like almost a MONTH. I’m just getting over it and my nose is still stuffy/runny. And I’m quite sure it had a lot to do with my unbalanced state of mind. So, I’m doing the only thing I can do immediately to better my life. Think positively. Live positively. Just try to BREATHE positivity!! It’s hard, but. I have to do it. Replace negative thoughts, no matter how angry you are, or how hurt you are, with positive ones. “I may be sick, but at least I didn’t die.” πŸ™‚

11:11 Think Positive!

Jen πŸ˜€

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