Thursday 11/17/11- *HAPPY BIRTHDAY VONTRESA!! (AKA Sis!)*

Thursday 11/17/11- *HAPPY BIRTHDAY VONTRESA!! (AKA Sis!)*

Dang. Writer’s Block!! LoL! I’ve been looking at this blank screen and can’t really think of anything to write!! I mean y’all have heard, er.. Read everything I can tell ya about my hair! So. Is this the end of AfroCurls?!!

Probably not. I guess I can ramble on.. Maybe I’ll come across something of interest. 🙂

How’s Rebel doing? Well after her encounter with Vaseline she is trying to recover. Also, I don’t think Curly Girl is gonna work for me. I’m not sure how it’s possible, but I think I have an oily scalp.. BUT DRY HAIR!! It’s absolutely crazy. Cowashing leaves my hair nice and soft for the first 2 weeks, then it just goes down hill for both hair and ESPECIALLY scalp. I should have known it wouldn’t work because my head is all itchy at the end of the week when I shampoo WELL!! So. Sucks too, cause those first 2 weeks are great. Maybe I can do it for 2 weeks. But not this week. I have to shampoo one more time to be sure all the Vaseline is out. After that I may try it again. MAYBE! LoL! But honestly, great 2 week results isn’t enough to make me wanna stick with it.

Oh, and I met another curly today. A lady on dayshift stopped me abscess like, “my hair’s like yours! What do you use on it?” I always love to meet other naturals. Especially ones that wanna talk hair! LoL! Wish I met more. 🙂

See how this post just slowly worked out!! 🙂


Jen 😀


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