Saturday 11/12/11

Saturday 11/12/11

This is day 7 and the last day I have to make due with this dumpster fire! LoL! Ok, that was a bit harsh. It doesn’t look THAT bad, but I wouldn’t say this has been my best hair week. The BEST week was actually week 1 of cowashing. Man my hair was awesome that week. Week 2 was great. Week 3? No ma’am! So I actually may need to cowash 2 weeks, then shampoo. I know, Rebel is so damn picky. :p I’ve heard people say it takes several weeks for your hair and scalp to get use to cowashing, but this is just not a happy head!! My scalp itches, my hair is like in one big ass clump. Not really matted cause I comb through it well when I detangle. But.. It just feels… “not right” I guess is the best way to describe it.

Now there are of course other factors to take into consideration. It’s less humid and cooler and my Long Aid is, yes, a water based moisturizer as well as curl activator. But it’s also a GLYCERIN heavy product. Bad for low humidity. But the humidity hasn’t really been low down here. The DEW points have been low here though, so. Maybe that’s it. I’ve been sealing with coconut oil to keep the glycerin from robbing my hair. But maybe it’s keeping the moisture out too. Plus I read that coconut oil and other oils that have small enough molecules to enter the hair can CAUSE dryness by taking up space that water would take up and just swell your hair up and basically cause greasy dehydration!! Or that’s how I interpreted it. In any case, I’ve used coconut oil for YEARS. maybe it is finally taking it’s toll!

But I think plain and simple it’s just dirty. And needs to be shampooed. 🙂 Don’t take all that. :p Now if it’s CLEAN, deep conditioned, and all. And it STILL feels wrong.. Maybe there’s something else wrong. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. 🙂

On another note, I watched an interesting video from one of my favorite vloggers, HIMAN10ANCE (I know I butchered her name but it’s like “High Maintenance” just cleverly spelled.) And she was talking about light skinned girls with good hair complaining about HAVING GOOD HAIR. Now I don’t particularly subscribe to the whole good hair/ bad hair crap. But I do know what “good” hair is seen as. Loose curls, soft texture. Anyway she was saying now they mad and it’s because the “kinkier” Sistas don’t acknowledge them as “naturals” or at least we don’t think it’s as big a deal. Anyway, she was like we all say we love our natural hair so much, why we spend so much money trying to define our curls and this and that, and not just go outside with our hair just stuck to our head and all messed up. I was like.. Damn. Alright. Got a point. I’m not picking her apart, I just thought it was funny and something to think about next time you wanna say who isn’t a proper natural. :p

And another thing. I’m about to make a transition! From colored CONTACTS!! Why? Well, I’ve become dependent on them. I like that they make me look exotic. But I won’t go anywhere without them! And that’s just SAD! I feel so shame when people ask if they’re real. How can I preach that we are all beautiful just as we are if I’m wearing fake eyes every day? Plus, I’m starting to see that my regular real eyes are pretty nice. And fit me perfectly. 🙂 So, after I run out of them, I’ll start buying clear. Sh*t you gonna do it DO IT THEN! 🙂

More to come.


Jen 😀


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