Product Review, And Vaseline Experiment.

OK, I tried the Olay Complexion Renewal lotion as I said I would and it only took one use for me to know.. I hate it. It gave me the same rough look that Complexion crap from Aveeno gave me- Well, to be fair, the Aveeno knock off from Walmart. So.. Since I hated it so much, I won’t really just bash it here. Just know it didn’t work for me.. Made me look dry and ashy. So Olay is a no way. Shame too, as I love their classic pink lotion.

Anyway, moving on. I decided since I shampooed today it would be a perfect time to try Vaseline on my hair as a sealant. First impressions, I used too much so I’m all greasy, but my hair is soft and of course shiny as it is GREASE! LoL! I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do with it. There isn’t much curl definition right now. I mean it looks fine.. I don’t know.. Just not use to this I guess. I love my gel! I guess I can still use the gel. Who knows? Maybe the grease will keep the glycerin from robbing my hair!


More to come.

Ps. My scalp feels so much better! LoL!




Jen 😀


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