Thursday 11/10/11- Separate But Equal..

Thursday 11/10/11- Separate But Equal..

I was on my Naturally Curly app today, and.. I’mma tell ya.. Not sure if it’s the best spot for AfroCurls. LoL! Remember awhile back I was saying the Frizz Forecast app made me feel some sort of way calling everyone’s hair curly until you get to the fours and then it switches to “kinks”. Now some black women have no issues with the term. And honestly I’ve heard worse. But. They had the option to use “coils” right there in front of them, but decided “Nah, we gon go with kinky.” I’m sure they assume that since so many of us are comfortable with the word, and we use it.. Must be ok for them to use it too. We must like it. (Remind you of another word we use?) I’m not sure if I an really up for such a crusade right now. But there are other issues on that site. Like, most of the posts started by “us” don’t really get many responses. Now, I would imagine that may be because they don’t know much about our hair and can’t really offer much help. But I see comments when one of “us” says they’re offended by something… Saying “I don’t know why everyone is so offended.” and they are so damn snotty with it. I get they don’t understand black struggles, but if you have 15 people of the same race offended by something… There must be a reason. And for you be be all f*ckin’ “duh?” about it kinda pisses me off a little. So.. I think I’ll be doing most of my “business” on my Curly Nikki app from now on. It’s a more Afro friendly. ๐Ÿ™‚

I mean, there was a post from a curly girl saying she has course hair but she’s white. And her hair feels “damaged” because it’s so course. And she should have silky hair cause she’s white. And people think she’s mixed because she’s basically got “our” hair. And you know a lot of “us” were no feelin’ her damn tone. I get she’s not (far as she knows) mixed and she’s proud of her heritage, and people are giving her ass the stank eye when she says she’s 100% Caucasian like she’s trying to cover up being mixed. I feel her on that. When you’re black and claim ANY other race as a part of your heritage you get the stank eye. Especially if you don’t have the hair “for it”. Or you’re dark and say you’re of mixed heritages. You may know what you’re talking about. But everybody else was apparently there when all your ancestors were conceived. (Yeah, I’m rolling my eyes.) So we got the point. The way it came across did make me feel a way, but I wasn’t “offended”. But some others were. Well, she came back with this real shi*ty attitude and I was like what a BIT*H! Yeah, we think better of your ass now.

Long story short. I think Naturally Curly and I will be parting company. Apparently there is still too much racial tension existing. And we can’t be “unified” yet. The curls are curls philosophy just isn’t a reality right now. Maybe as the natural movement goes on people will get use to the idea. And we’ll be accepted as curly, wavy, and whatever. But right now… No. And don’t even get me STARTED on how non natural blacks see natural hair! But that has nothing to do with this particular post. I know how to deal with those idiots. Sometimes I click on ’em, but in the spirit of my changing, my come back will simply be “If it looks so bad STOP LOOKING AT IT!” I think that will accomplish more than trying to give them word for word. Because an idiot can argue with your ass until the argument gets so dumb you just get tired and end up bustin’ their head in. Or your brain just IMPLODES from the ig’nance it’s being subjected to. LoL! So for now, black natural hair haters are stashed away in the box to be sorted out later. :p

Anyway, Miss Rebel River Song is doing pretty good today. My head is still itching like crazy, well it has slacked up a little bit. But I still can’t wait til wash day. And my hair seems to be getting thicker by the DAY! and I’m loving that. I’ve been thinking of plaiting it up for a couple of weeks, but I just came out of locs and am enjoying my loose hair, so oh well. Maybe soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok. I’ve gone on long enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

11:11 Holla!

Jen ๐Ÿ˜€


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