Saturday 11/5/11- Neat…

Saturday 11/5/11- Neat…

Apparently Rebel IS growing. πŸ™‚

And she’s at or getting to an awkward stage. It’s not really a “bad” stage. It’s just a kinda funny stage. The shape of it is funny. At work I wear a puff, so it really doesn’t matter much, but in real life I wear a fro. And it’s getting long in the back- which is not just good, it’s GREAT! But since the bottom part of my hair is a softer, looser texture, it’s starting to hang down, but the thicker back part shrinks more and is tighter. So it’s like I got a back bang thing going on that may or may not look weird to onlookers, but it looks rather odd to ME. LoL! In any case I’m not cutting it again, so it’ll just have to look odd for a bit. πŸ™‚

More proof is I can make a little ponytail now. AND I can actually see the hair at the end now. Now I’m not measuring, these are just things I notice. I can’t help but notice! LoL! As I’m in a no measure challenge on Curly Nikki, I’m not measuring until after the new year- I’m planning to actually not measure until March. I said I was planning to measure every 6 months. And I last measured in September I think it was. So it won’t be 6 months til March. So… No measuring. πŸ™‚

Another clue that my little Rebel is growing, someone commented on it. Remember the Asian lady who was looking at it when I first cut it like “What the hell?”? Well, she said it was getting long. I think she just doesn’t like short hair. LoL! Hers is really REALLY long. Like to her butt. Now I’m not sure I want my hair that long. With this much thickness and such teeny tiny curls… I mean. I don’t think I’ll cut it off short, but I would probably not wear it out as much. There would be a lot of ponytails and twists. Just keeping it out if the way. Otherwise this type of hair to MY a$$ would be a NIGHTMARE! I mean, taking 3 hours to wash and detangle type of nightmare!! I’d probably wear buns a lot. And then, how big would that friggin’ bun be?! My hair isn’t ABNORMALLY thick but it’s not exactly thin either. I’ve seen several ladies on YouTube with long, thick hair. But most don’t have butt length hair. My aunt has butt length hair, but she keeps it straightened. My great grand mother on my mom’s side had butt length hair AND I’m pretty sure she was natural. But being Indian her hair was probably a lot looser than mine. I get a feeling if THIS sh*t gets to booty length…. It would be totally wicked awesome… And I’d be happy. But also feel…. It will be difficult as well. But look how long from now that will be? 10- 20 years from now!! I think I’ll know how to deal with it as a 53 year old woman! Damn. I’ll be 53 in 20 years. Just made myself feel old. :p

Well I know I’m forgetting something. But I guess that’s all for now. πŸ™‚


Jen πŸ˜€


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