Just a Few Wash Day Musings.. :)

This is my three little piggies.. LoL! Please excuse my dirty mirror. I just got conditioner all over it! SMH.



These are the actual sections I detangle in. YES, three big sections. I found the reason I was HATING combing my hair was because of those micro sections some naturals suggest you part your hair into! I was making like these tiny sections and my hair was in the way, and it was hurting and STILL breaking my hair.. Oddly enough, my hair believes in strength in numbers. A bigger section well combed, I get less breakage and less pain. Just as effective if not MORE so! It’s one of those “listen to your body” deals. It applies to hair too.

  Today, I cowashed with Vo5. Funny thing about conditioners, when you put them on your soaking wet hair, it seems to lather a little bit. I thought it was just my Aussie, but seems the Vo5 does it too. Of course it’s not really “lathering” but it kinda makes me feel like I’m getting some cleaning action. 🙂 Of course I detangled and deep conditioned- actually AM deep conditioning with Aussie. I’m still in those 3 ponies right now with my plastic cap on. My hair felt so soft when I was detangling. So far I’m enjoying cowashing very much. This is week 3.. I think I have one more co wash, then an actual shampoo with my Dove Daily Moisture to get all clean and start all over. 🙂


OK. Just sharing some photos. 🙂




Jen 😀


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